Best tools for a content writer

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The most important aspect in being a content writer is being able to think creatively when it comes to your writing. 

Riddim Saunter has many best tools for content writers.

There are several tools that can be very useful when you are working with either short-term or long-term projects. 


This is one of these tools, which is a cloud-based text expansion tool that enables users to type shortcut keys and the corresponding word, phrase, or sentence will appear in their text. 

This is a very useful tool for content writers because it enables the writer to save time when typing common phrases, words, or sentences. 

For example, if you are writing an article about social media sites, you can use the shortcut key of SM to automatically convert into social media. TextExpander can also be used with other applications such as MailChimp and Evernote.

2.Dragon Dictation.

This is also a cloud-based tool that allows users to dictate their text using the Mac application. 

This tool is good for writing articles that require a lot of emotions or creativity because it allows the writer to focus more on what they are writing instead of how it will sound when typed out. 


This is another cloud-based tool that allows users to store, sync, and work with files almost instantly. 

This is a very useful tool for content writers because it gives them the ability to access their file, regardless of their location due to the fact that everything can be done online. 

It enables users to share their files with other people for editing or other feedback immediately. This tool also allows users to jump start their writing process by giving them the ability to work on other files while they are still working on other files or projects.

4.Google Calendar.

This is also a very useful tool for content writers because it allows them to work with files and projects in advance than they would normally. 

For example, if the writer has to write an article for a blog post about secret tips and tricks on how to plan wedding ceremonies, then the writer can start working with their essay on Google Calendar before starting writing. 

This is also a very useful tool when trying to plan out your day-to-day activities such as when you have an appointment at the mall which you need to store in your calendar before going there.


This is also a cloud-based tool which allows users to create and edit photos, graphics, videos and other media instantly. 

This is another very useful tool for content writers because it allows them to add beautiful graphics to their articles by using PicMonkey’s photo editing applications. 

The writer can also use PicMonkey’s graphic features for other purposes such as enhancing your resume or making your business card more creative, etc.


This tool is a cloud-based App which checks for over 250 types of grammar, style, and punctuation errors while you are writing your article. 

This tool also has a feature that checks for plagiarism and other related issues when you are using Google drive or Word to write your essay or article. 

This tool is very useful because it enables you to focus more on what you are writing instead of worrying about the grammar because Grammarly will do that for you.


It is a popular email client that was created by the Rocket Science Group in 2001 . MailChimp is a software that allows you to create, send, and track emails to your subscribers. 

This is also another tool that content writers can use because it gives the writer the ability to send newsletters or email marketing campaigns.

This is a very useful tool because you can not only send emails out to your subscribers but you can also track their responses so you know which ones are most effective.


This is a cloud-based tool that allows users to organize and access notes, documents, and other information from anywhere. 

This is another very useful tool for content writers because they can save notes related to their projects or their writing for future reference. 

It also gives them the ability to organize their notes in a manner that they find most effective. For example, the writer can put all of his project ideas into a list called “Ideas”. 

Then he will later be able to go back to his notes and easily look through these products he had previously created by searching ” products name” instead of searching through his entire project folder.


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