All the ways to promote your instagram account


There are many different ways people promote themselves on Instagram, but the most popular seems to be posting quality images. 

This can be quite hard to do, especially since it is really difficult for beginners to find the best hashtags that will help their account stand out in this competitive market. 

Even if you’re not that interested in promoting your account, there are still ways you can make your life easier when it comes to using Instagram with these tips!

Here at has some more ways to promote your instagram account.

We also created a list of some of the best hashtags out there for users who want their posts seen more by others.

1. Grow your followers with Engagement.

The first way to promote your Instagram account is by making sure you’re engaging with other accounts. This means liking, commenting, and even following other people on Instagram. 

While it might seem like a lot of work, the more you engage, the more interactions you’ll get on your own account. 

Even if you only have the time to like the first ten photos in your timeline, make sure to do it!

Similar to engaging is replying to comments. 

When you pop up in someone’s notification feed because they commented on one of your photos or videos, their followers will be able to see that you are creating content that gets engagement from people on Instagram. 

This will help your account grow in popularity and hopefully they will check out your profile and start following you too.

2. Post quality images.

The second way to promote your Instagram account is by posting quality images and videos that people want to share.

For the most part, the best way to make sure your content is good is by using a good camera. People won’t share blurry or poorly taken photos, so if you want great results, use a professional camera or app-based editing software to edit all of your content after it’s taken! Here are some helpful sites that can help you with creating stunning visuals: freefoto inc, picjumbo and pixabay.

If you’re using a point and shoot camera, just remember to use a tripod and that you should always take the time to review your work before uploading it. 

When taking photos or videos of people, try to use a high-quality camera and lens with a wide angle lens. Try to avoid zooms as they can make photos look distorted and out of focus. 

For the most part, the number one mistake people make when taking photos is closing their eyes during the photo shoot! This obviously makes taking great looking photos very difficult .

3. Repost quality images and videos on other accounts.

The third way to promote your Instagram account is by posting your photos and videos on other social media platforms. This will help you increase the number of people who view your content and may even boost your following as well.

If you’re posting for the first time, it’s a good idea to post to a variety of different social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. If you want to build an organic following rather than rely on paid ads or promoting certain posts, then reposting on other accounts is one of the only ways that will really work for you.

4. Make sure your profile is updated.

The fourth way to promote your Instagram account is by regularly updating your Instagram profile with new content. 

This makes people want to check out your profile, which will make them want to follow you. 

If you don’t post new photos or videos occasionally, then your followers will get bored of following you and you will lose a good number of them!

5. Get the right hashtags for your audience.

The fifth way to promote your Instagram account is by finding the right hashtags that people on Instagram are using for their content. 

This is important because if you can get your content to be seen by people who are looking for the same hashtags as you, then you will be able to reach more potential followers and increase the amount of followers you have on your account.

If you’re using Instagram as a professional photographer, this means finding hashtags that will allow people who are looking for photos of nature, animals, nature photography, landscape photography and much more. 

This is a great way to use Instagram as a professional photographer who doesn’t want to be seen by everyone searching for any kind of nature or landscape photos.

If you’re a young, new business owner who’s just starting out, this means finding hashtags that will reach people who are looking for a local business, a fitness instructor or a floral designer. 

If you want to be seen by more potential customers and clients, then use hashtags that focus on your industry to increase the likelihood of being found by other users on Instagram.


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