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Memory is one of those things that everyone takes for granted, but it can be easily improved. 

Learning some of the best techniques for improving memory will help you to know more, understand things better, and keep in mind information that’s useful to you. 

If done right, these activities can lead to improved focus and an increased understanding of how our brains work.

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The first way to improve memory is to keep active brain cells intact. When we sleep, we lose half of our brain volume and thus half of our memories. 

The other way we can prevent the loss of brain cells is by maintaining mental activity throughout the day. Experts agree that one of the best ways to do this is to exercise your memory and your brain at the same time.

One simple memory trick you can use is to try and associate a specific item with a specific person during conversation. If you want to remember something, make sure it’s something that’s easily associated with a person and think about him or her while shopping (or while talking about the pack of gum).

Here are some points on how to improve your memory

1.  Make a habit of summarising key points in a lecture. 

This will force your mind to digest the information that you hear and by doing this, you’ll be making more room for new information. 

Each time you introduce yourself to someone, try to associate a key point about them with a specific feature of their appearance or a name they have. 

Then when you see them again in the future, your mind will automatically remind you of the point even if you forget everything else about them. 

2.  Repetition.

This is a trick that will help you to memorise people’s names and faces. While you’re learning a list of new information, repeat it out loud to yourself.

This will cause your mind to process the information quicker and convert it into long-term memory. 

3.  Play games that stimulate your brain.

Playing video games or puzzles can also help you to keep your mind active and improve the way your brain functions as a whole. 

There are several games available online which can help you to build up your brain power, including general knowledge puzzles and memory challenges based on general knowledge questions about different pop culture topics. 

4.  Use your memory and brain power to help others.

Think of a person that you know and try to figure out some of their favourite activities, foods, wines or music. 

This exercise will help you to remember certain things about them while also helping to develop your memory and brain power in general.

5.  Read fiction. 

Reading stories is one of the best ways to improve your memory because it improves both your long-term and short-term memories at the same time. 

Children are taught to read stories at a young age so it’s no surprise that adults reading fiction improves memory too. 

So next time you find yourself in a bookshop, pick up a book that you’d usually avoid and see if you can finish it. Reading fiction also improves your imagination which is one of the most important parts of creative thinking. 

6.  Make your memory relevant.

When we’re learning something new, the information needs to be relevant to our own life experience for it to stick in our brains well enough for us to remember it later on down the line. 

When trying to remember something, try and think about how you can put it into your everyday life. For example, instead of writing down the name of a person you’re learning about, think up a scenario about them. This will help your brain to place the person’s name in the right context.

7.  Be organized.

If you want to improve your memory then start by organizing all of the information that you need before you even begin studying for it. 

Do this by creating folders for each important piece of information and labeling each one accordingly so that you can easily find them when it’s time to study. You can also use colour coding to help you remember each one of your folders if you need to. 

8.  Create a memory palace.

This is an exercise that was first started by the Greeks and it’s still used by memory champions today. 

A memory palace is similar to how we learn new information for school but instead of just writing down notes on the page, you create a story world around each piece of information that you’re trying to remember. 

This will make anything stick in your mind much more easily for longer periods of time because it’s not written down but instead it’s imagined by your brain.


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