Facts about the FireWire stand

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The FireWire stand is a small and lightweight TV stand. It is designed with the convenience of mobility in mind while still offering a sturdy platform to hold your TV set.

This post will focus on how to assemble the FireWire stand, as well as what you can expect from it. You’ll come away with an informed opinion of whether or not this product fits your needs, and if so, how best to put it together!

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The FireWire standard is designed with the modern home in mind. That’s why this stand is not just functional, but also elegant.

Here are facts discussed about the FireWire stand

1. The FireWire stand comes with different components.

Components work together to create one simple, elegant TV stand. The total weight of the FireWire stand is 32 pounds. It may be lighter than TVs of today, but nonetheless, sturdy and solid enough for your TV set. 

Although the FireWire stand lets you adjust the height of your TV set, it can only do so by about 3 inches- not exactly significant if you’re buying this because you want to place your TV on top of a tall dresser or something similar to compensate for the lack of height.

2. The FireWire stand is available in white or gold.

Most sellers stick with the black-and-white scheme of the FireWire stand, but it’s also available in silver. It’s standard with most, if not all, of the stands you’ll find on Amazon.

3. The FireWire stand is easy to assemble.

Assembling the FireWire stand may not even require an adult’s help, depending on the proficiency of the TV set’s owner. 

The instructions are simple and straightforward, but even if you find yourself confused or in need of assistance, it’ll be a piece of cake to find someone who’ll be willing to help.

4. The FireWire stand comes with a 5-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

FireWire stands are designed with longevity in mind, which is why it comes with its own guarantee that holds for half a decade.

5. The FireWire stand only weighs 32 pounds.

That’s about the weight of a 15-inch laptop computer, which is significantly lighter than most TV sets. It’s one of the reasons why the FireWire stand works so well for modern homes, where space is at a premium and mobility is key. 

There are other, comparable stands that weigh up to 70 pounds or more, but these can be difficult to move and carry around! If you want a TV stand that doesn’t take up too much space and yet offers enough stability and capacity for your needs (which usually means accommodating a 37-inch to 55-inch TV set), the FireWire stand can be an excellent choice.

6. The FireWire stand only measures 20 inches in length.

That’s about the width of two or three DVD players, which is enough for most homes at the size you’d find it. The stand may be small, but its capacity is great- if it can fit an 11 to 16-inch TV set, it’s sure to work well enough for many others!

7. The FireWire stand isn’t big enough to house a 55-inch TV set.

When you purchase the product, however, you’ll notice that it says “weight” instead of “weight capacity.” That’s because there are models that are heavier than this one, but still can accommodate a weight range of 10 pounds to 40 lbs. 

If you’re looking for a stand that can house a 55-inch TV set, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

8. The FireWire stand is available in different colors.

The black-and-white scheme of this product has been popular throughout most of its existence, but you can now find it in a variety of colors as well! 

This makes the FireWire stand better for those who like to mix and match furniture and want more variety in their home’s décor.

9. The FireWire stand is sturdy and simple.

The FireWire stand is one of the easiest to assemble TV stands I’ve ever seen, and yet it’s still sturdy enough to hold any TV set. 

You can find other tables and stands that are cheaper, but this one is still competitively priced while offering superior quality. To add to its value, it’s also built with a solid and durable structure to make everyday use go smoothly for years to come.

10. The FireWire stand doesn’t come with any additional accessories.

This stand comes only in the color black, and it does not include any additional components such as power cords and D-sources (a part of the TV set that allows you to plug in things like satellite boxes, game consoles and media players).


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