firefox setting img to 0x0


This setting image was created on Chrome and I used Firefox to convert the images to a different color.

We have a little known issue with setting images to 0x0. This is especially true for images on the web. On the web, when an image is set to 0x0, the browser just automatically renders the image the same color it did before. The problem is that this results in very ugly images that just don’t look right.

The way to fix this is to change the color of the image in the options, not the image itself. This is a little more complicated, but it’s not that hard. Just go to the tab that contains the image and click on the little gear icon (looks like a big black X). Then, in the options, click on the image. Then, change the color to black.

This will not only solve your problem, it will also prevent the problem from ever happening again.


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