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If you’re looking for something different to take in with your morning coffee, then check out this post about the seven deadly sins.

Everybody knows the seven cardinal sins of Roman Catholic theology, but what about their nonreligious counterparts? 

That’s right – there are seven deadly sins, too! And while they may not be nearly as well known as these two sets of theological tenets, they are still worth knowing.

The answer is discussed here, why does ban call hawk master?

The seven deadly sins are: envy, wrath, sloth, greed, lust, gluttony and pride. The sins are traditionally seen as the vices opposed to the seven virtues of humility, charity, patience, perseverance, kindness and joy. 

The virtues fit in with the teachings of Christianity’s Godhead – during worship services it is common to see groups of people singing along with hymns that speak to their souls in terms of virtue, followed by the “why” all virtues are needed.

You may not think that any of the Seven Deadly Sins applies to you or your life, but that’s because you subscribe to conventional thinking. 

Conventional thinking is defined as “thinking that is based on common sense, unquestioned assumptions, and accepted standards.” 

The Seven Deadly Sins are not associated with common sense – in fact they are widely considered abominations.

This is a good point to mention a little bit of Catholic theology. You will find a lot of Catholics saying “Why serve God if he is going to make you suffer?” But what most Catholics don’t know is they’re contradicting themselves.

Here are seven deadly sins are discussed-

1. Envy

We all know this one’s “go to” for blackmailing friends with crap jobs, jobs that are too good for them, and the most randomly-selected people in the world. 

I mean who wants to be seen as shabby in comparison? Few things can turn an otherwise average person into a total jerk than the malicious act of envy.

2. Wrath

This is that little crazy guy that is crazy enough to shoot you in the back because he wants your car keys. He doesn’t care if it’s yours or not. And he probably has a valid excuse – “I woke up and everything I owned was gone!” Yeah, whatever.

3. Sloth

Is the guy who takes the lazy route to work? He got sidetracked by email and didn’t finish his tasks. 

Or – he took a nap at 10 a.m.? Either way it’s unforgivable. Don’t take this sin lightly, as it is the sin that will bring you down to their level. You don’t want that to happen do you? Of course not!

4. Greed

Let’s say there’s a job opening at your company, but it pays more than your current salary. Your boss wants to promote you, but there are others more qualified. 

So he breaks it down this way: “If you want the job, then be willing to work for less than the new guy.” You’ll be locked into a situation of no say in your promotion, or lose that sweet paycheck. Greed has become a survival instinct 24/7 – only the strong survive.

5. Lust

Don’t have anything against sex workers per se – but they are high on my list of people I don’t like (next to politicians). But remember – someone’s gotta do it. 

Usually the person who is most desperate for money will take dirty jobs like this one, or will sell their bodies for cash. They are not known for their intellect, but that doesn’t stop them from taking advantage.

6. Gluttony

No, it’s not what you think – it’s the desire to acquire every thing you can. It’s the one sin that is meant for everyday use, as well as your downfall. 

You don’t want to go overboard on anything – not even your lunch! No one wants the fat pig status of “that guy at work who always carries a sandwich in his pocket.” Yeah…right…

7. Pride

Ahhhh…the last and most powerful of all sins – pride is something we look at with disdain and envy. That is the sin of the great and mighty – a trait we see often in politicians or movie stars. 

It is different from arrogance, as that comes from a prideful ego – it’s not about doing something inherently bad to become great. 

We all know it’s an exaggeration, but can anyone say they haven’t been guilty of this sin?

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