Frequently heard on reddit: Top minds

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Reddit top minds are redditors who contribute their time and knowledge to astound us with their expertise in fields like math, science, art, music; they make us laugh; they help people with tough problems. 

They are thought leaders for their communities. They deserve recognition.

I hope you enjoy this list of the most influential members of our community! 

Feel free to take a moment to upvote or downvote these top minds as well as thank them for their contributions. These are the people that inspire other redditors to keep contributing to reddit!

We do not endorse the actions of these users other than to say they’re doing good. 

They may or may not be aware that their post is being used for this list. If you’d like your post removed from this list, message the moderators.

Here are some points discussed about Frequently heard on reddit top minds

1. People have different definitions of what makes up a “top mind”. 

For my own personal definition, they are people that contribute knowledge to the community in a constructive manner. I would say that most of the top minds on this list fit my personal definition. 

Some may not, but that doesn’t mean they’re not contributing positively to the community they are part of. The post by /u/sam-bacon is rather open-ended with its request for users to submit any nominations. 

This broadens the criteria for nominating someone else than myself. However, it is completely within their right to do so, so I’m not going to gripe about it too much!

2. Some of the top minds may not be active on reddit. 

This may lead to a sort of inauthenticity when it is in fact inauthentic to nominate a person that is not active on reddit. 

3. The pool of top minds is limited. 

It’s hard to say who is a top mind for sure, because there isn’t much information about them so you really have to do your own research and see if they’re contributing positively to their community or not. 

It is time consuming to sift through the posts of a top mind to see if they are contributing positively or not. 

It’s also possible to miss important contributions from a top mind because it’s easy to miss these posts altogether. 

Then you wonder why you didn’t know about them before. It’s good for everyone in the community when their contribution is recognized. 

4. Lots of people want to be top minds. 

This means it is easy for the list to get overloaded with users that don’t deserve the title because they are not really contributing anything. 

The requester also wanted to keep it at 50 so that’s why there are only 50 nominees.  Lots of top minds are anonymous, which makes it harder for other users to verify that they are legit top minds. 

Being an anonymous top mind has its advantages, but it also has its drawbacks as well. 

People may not believe that you are a top mind because there is no way for other people to verify who you are unless you provide them your credentials or something like that.

5. People believe that top minds have a privileged life. 

Top minds are expected to have a fulfilling life, aka they’re expected to be able to do what they want all the time because they have wealthy parents who pay their bills for them. 

An Example of this is when someone says it’s okay to be a top mind if you cannot provide proof of your achievements in art or music, but not math or science. 

This really shows how people perceived top minds in the past and how perception has changed in today’s society. It also shows that perceptions can change in a very short amount of time.

6. Some of the top minds created a subreddit to showcase their work. 

They wanted to make it easier for others to view and share their posts and talents. They make it easy for other people to learn from their posts and use what they learned in that subreddit. 

7. People often look at top minds as role models that they want to follow. 

This is understandable because they’re smart and can achieve a lot of success in life, such as figuring out the meaning of life, making friends with supermodels, talking about important issues, etc. 

For some reason there have been a few popular redditors on here who have been banned from reddit recently which stopped them from being considered as top minds anymore.


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