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Hobart Wine Tour

A wine tour is the best way to discover this thriving boutique wine region in Southern Tasmania. Hobart is the place to be if you enjoy Hobart wine tours. The area can relax with a fine cool-climate cabernet or sparkling wine in your hand, a roaring fire at your back, and taking in Tasmania’s breathtaking scenery.

In Hobart, there are more than six wine tour providers, each providing one or more wine tour options, also making Tasmania a popular spot for small group tours. Although there are a lot of general tour operators that offer wine experiences, in this guide, we want to focus on the wine-specific tours to get the best experience, and that is precisely what these operators offer!

Southern Tasmania has seen a proliferation of new wineries over the past fifteen years. It is exciting to see winemakers producing excellent traditional reds and whites and introducing us to obscure varieties that flourish in Tasmania’s distinctive terroir and climate.

Additionally, it’s not just the Hobart wine tour. The gourmet produced from Tasmania has long been praised by food lovers, nearly every time that includes either a sumptuous lunch of Tassie cuisine or, at the very least, a flavor of cheese and chocolate.

Well, If the taste buds are dancing, and there is a longing to win?

Some of the best regions producing wine in Hobart are:

Wine Regions in Hobart

Hobart can easily access five wine regions, while a sixth is farther away.

Huon Valley – Hobart is 30 minutes away from Huon Valley. Wet and cool. Chardonnays and pinot noirs. Beautiful valley and a haven for cider enthusiasts.

Coal River Valley – 20 minutes north of Hobart is Coal River Valley. Dry and sunny. Rieslings, chardonnays, and pinots. Lots of colonial history and one of Tasmania’s top culinary destinations.

Derwent Valley – Derwent Valley is 20 minutes north of Hobart. Sunny and warm. Chardonnays, pinot noirs, and excellent sparkling white wines. Beautiful scenery, particularly in the fall. Upcoming culinary hotspot.

D’Entrecasteaux Channel – 30 minutes south of Hobart is the D’Entrecasteaux Channel. Temperate and cool maritime environment. Pinots. Stunning coastal vistas and delicious artisanal cuisine.

Moorilla Estate – Hobart’s northern suburbs include Moorilla Estate. Syrahs and pinots. Among the earliest vineyards in Tasmania. Residence of the MONA art gallery and MOO Brew brews.

Freycinet – 2 hours from Hobart is Freycinet. Chardonnays, pinot noirs, and sauvignon blancs. Beautiful scenery. Excellent lunch options at wineries.

Now, after one has decided to discover wine regions, the next question is, Where to stay in Hobart?

The best inner-city luxury option is the waterfront, award-winning MACq 01 hotel.

Alternatively, if you’d rather unwind on a country estate close to the renowned Pooley Wines, you’ll adore Prospect House Private Hotel.


There is no better all-arounder for families and couples than the RACT/RACV Apartment Hotel in Salamanca. Salamanca Markets can be reached in a matter of minutes.


Look into the Alabama Hotel in the heart of Hobart for a charming and unique cheap option. At their awesome little balcony bar, these guys make some mean cocktails.

What other activities are there in Hobart besides wine tasting and worthwhile winery tours?

The following additional must-do activities in Hobart are

● Adventure & Nature Tours

● Day Trips

● Tour buses and minivans.

Now that we have seen the different wine regions in Hobart, there are other wine tours, such as the Tassie Trails, Apple Isle Wine Tours, and Drink Tasmania. All these drinks are a fun approach to wine tasting, targeted at a younger audience. Here the people can choose their lunch instead of a monotonous menu.

Enjoy the Hobart wine tours by choosing the most economical and suitable tour package for Hobart.


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