How did Elizabeth go missing?


Elizabeth is a 14-year-old girl who has never been in trouble before. She was last seen on her way home from the mall, but she never made it there. 

She was gone for seven hours until she finally reached out to her friends on Facebook, saying that she needed their help.

The police are still looking for Elizabeth and are asking the public to keep an eye out for anything strange happening in their neighbourhood.

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Elizabeth’s disappearance really shocked the people who knew her because to them, she was like a younger sister. 

They were very emotional about this case and they donated 100 dollars (U.S.) to help find Elizabeth who had already been missing for two weeks at this time.

Here are some points discussed about Elizabeth went missing-

1. She had only one handbag with her.

This might seem like a normal thing to have, but according to the police, this is not like Elizabeth. She usually has many handbags including clothes and shoes in there. 

The last photos that were seen of her before she went missing were of her taking the D train home from school.

Family members say that at around 5:30 pm, Elizabeth was not at the subway station which is odd because it is right outside her house and she would normally walk home from school there. 

The last photo she was seen with was taken on the D train and this caused a lot of suspicion because there have been hundreds of people in and out of this subway station since then.

2. She went to a party.

Elizabeth’s parents happen to be going through a divorce. With that being said, she attended a party for her mom’s birthday and all of her friends were invited because it was a small group of people. 

When Elizabeth got off the train, nobody saw her anymore after that, which is unusual considering that she always lives within walking distance from the subway station.

3. She left her family’s home without notice.

Elizabeth normally takes the same route at least twice a day to get to school and back by bus or train, but this time she decided to take another route home instead of using public transportation because it was raining heavily at that time. 

Elizabeth’s family was not home at the time of this incident, so she decided to just walk on her own.

4. The police had some leads.

The police had some leads on who Elizabeth might be with, but they were all false leads. 

The last person they checked on was Emma Zimmerman who goes to the same school as Elizabeth and also lives nearby her house. 

Emma’s parents said that she used to babysit Elizabeth occasionally when her parents went out or something like that, but nothing more than that was known about their connection.

5. She is very smart for a twelve-year-old girl.

Elizabeth is very smart for a twelve-year-old girl. She can easily solve puzzles, read, and do most things that other kids her age might not be able to do.

6. Her parents are concerned about her safety.

Her parents are very concerned about her safety after all of the strange things that have happened in her life recently. 

They chronicled every single thing that happened to Elizabeth over the last few weeks on their blog hoping it would help them find out what has happened to her. 

The police are hoping for more information from members of the community on anything suspicious or unusual happening in their area because they feel like something may have happened to Elizabeth there on the subway station on this fateful day.

7. Elizabeth has no history of running away.

Elizabeth is very familiar with the neighbourhood she lives in and she knows exactly where everything is. 

She has two younger sisters who would also say that this was completely out of her character to just leave without telling anyone or taking anything with her. 

She is obviously missing some clothes, but the clothes that she had on were the same clothes she had at school earlier in the day, so it seems like she went directly to the party after school.

8. She was very close with her younger sisters.

According to Elizabeth’s younger sisters, they knew that somebody had to have taken her. Elizabeth had no history of running away so it made no sense for her to just disappear like that. 

She would always walk home from school or take the bus home after school, so she never really got a chance to meet anybody new.


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