Why Celebrities Are Obsessed With Synonyms


Some of the first words that come to mind when someone mentions celebrities are “successful, reputable, and wealthy.” But there is another word that should also be on your radar: synonyms.

An individual’s vocabulary make better synonym often reflecting their personality and education level — articulate people are typically more educated than their peers. When it comes to celebrities, however, the opposite appears to be true. They may have a broad knowledge of many topics in addition to being exceptional at what they do in certain areas such as music or acting, but they lack vocabulary tools like synonyms or antonyms.

1. It’s About The Image

If you speak to a celebrity, they could sound like a highly educated individual as they are excellent at communicating their message with the correct tone, body language, and facial expressions. But what if you were to read something written by them? Chances are it was full of spelling and grammar mistakes.

It’s not uncommon for some celebrities to be uneducated because the majority of them had their entire lives planned out for them since they were children. In fact, many of them were already in their twenties when they realized it was time to expand their horizons and learn something new, which resulted in them going to college to get a degree. But even as adults, they are still not as educated as they could be. Sometimes what appears to be a lack of education is really just an image and a person who talks a certain way, which can attract others to follow that person because following what they say is easier than trying to figure out what they actually mean.

There are many examples of a person who doesn’t talk very much or doesn’t use many complex words yet comes off as highly educated because of the way they present themselves. Celebrities who are in the public eye and have a platform to share their opinions can use their popularity to be seen as educated individuals. In contrast, those who don’t speak out publicly and choose to remain behind the scenes may chose their words wisely but lack attention-grabbing characteristics such as an interesting way of saying something — this may result in them gaining more followers than those who make things up more often.

2. Synonyms Are Not Synonymous

Celebrities have the opportunity to experience so much in their lives that it is easy for them to lack a use of words that are considered “bigger and better” than others. They seem to use the same words and phrases as others, frequently using terms like “like, totally, you know what I mean,” and “awesome.” If you don’t know what these phrases mean and research them, you’ll discover that there really isn’t any meaning behind them. When famous people talk, they often repeat themselves because they want to appear like they are on the same wavelength as their listeners.

On the other hand, when celebrities use certain words, they could be relating to a book they have read or a movie they have seen. They may be using these “simple” words because they know what kind of responses or attention is expected from their audiences, or because these terms are easier for them to say than others. It’s not that uneducated people are bad at constructing sentences — the problem is that you can’t learn specific words and phrases just by hearing them in conversation many times.

3. Slang Words

Slang words are the most popular and most commonly used words among celebrities, yet they are the least commonly used by educated individuals. With this being said, it has become extremely difficult to learn slang. Celebrities use slang when they don’t know what else to say because they have a tendency to repeat the same words over and over again. The more often someone repeats a word, the more common that word becomes.

This also happens because of their interest in certain topics — people who are passionate about software may be inclined to use words like “software” or “computer” rather than “program.” They use these terms so often that they become one word in our heads. Once this happens, we are likely to stop using the word “software” and start saying “computer.” This is another example of how celebrities lack an education but also show others what is considered acceptable through their use of words. Overall, it’s important to learn vocabulary tools like synonyms because they can change your entire perception of a situation or a person.


Celebrities may have a lot of followers, but they lack vocabulary tools that you would see in a dictionary. Though it’s frustrating to see celebrities using a lot of the same words, it’s important to point out that their vocabulary is nothing different than ours — they just choose different words because we don’t use them the same way. If you learn how to learn new vocabulary words and phrases, you will be able to use them appropriately in conversation and make more intelligent decisions about what you say.


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