How God Can Help You Live a Better Life


A person’s life is one of the most interesting things that they can explore and it’s also a difficult thing to understand. But we do not need to face this alone; there are things in our faith community like illuminated manuscripts that have historically been created and spiritually that can help us live a better life.

This article is full of helpful advice on how God can help you live better, including how faith communities and spiritually support people, what prayer is good for, what the Bible says about happiness, and more.

1. How Faith Communities Help

A faith community is a group of people from all walks of life who come together and have the same goal of worshiping God. No one is perfect, but when people come together and ask for forgiveness, eventually they can start to forgive each other. It’s hard for a person to be mean to someone if they’re genuinely trying to change.

Sometimes we may have hard lives where we are being blamed for things we didn’t do. We may see strangers or friends not caring about you in the same way God can. But this doesn’t mean that we should not try to live better lives because our faith communities will stand by us no matter what happens in life.

2. What Prayer Can Do

For some people, praying for themselves sounds like a waste of time, but in reality it’s one of the most helpful things we can do. Prayer can help us deal with both small and large problems that we might have because when we ask God to help us, He always will. We can always consider our prayers answered because He answers them in the way that is best for us.

Sometimes we may feel like there’s no meaning in life because things are not as happy as they could be, but prayer helps with this too. When we ask God to help us with our problems and offer Him our burdens, it makes us feel happier.

3. What Happiness Is

Happiness is something that we all can agree is a good thing. We all want to be happy and we want others to be happy as well.

Happiness usually correlates with our own happiness so when we help others, we’re really making ourselves happier in the end.

There are many things in life that can make us happy including spending some time enjoying nature, doing something nice for someone else without expecting anything in return, or feeling grateful for what you have now instead of dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

4. What Keeping the Law Says

Jesus Christ is the perfect example of how we should treat others. He was kind, loving and willing to help people, so we should take that example to heart.

We know that there are not many commandments in the Bible so we know exactly what they say. We can read through the Bible and see exactly what Jesus said and think about it later.

This means that if you actually read through the Bible, you’ll figure out what God wants of you and it’s not difficult at all; it’s simple. Reminding ourselves of what God says in His Word is a great way to live a better life because everything is straightforward with Him.

5. What the Bible Says About Happiness

We all want to be happy, but we don’t always know how to be happy. Sometimes we just get through the day without realizing what our goal was. But if we really take some time to look at God’s word, we can see that there is a definite path to happiness.

6. What the Bible Says About Problems

The Bible is about God helping us with our problems and this means that He will help us through both small and large problems that we may have. The best way to figure out if something is too big for you or not is to look at it in a spiritual sense and see what God says about it in His Word.

Not everything in the Bible is about worldly problems; sometimes it’s about how we should live our lives, which means that God is telling us how to treat others and ourselves.

7. What God Says About Happiness

One of the best ways to be happy is to be a good person and help others because ultimately this means that you’re helping yourself. By helping others you are helping them, but also yourself because when we help others we’re helping ourselves at the same time. We don’t need to stop being a good person; we just need to think about our faith communities and how they can help us live a better life.

8. What Others Say About Happiness

We all know what our own thoughts are, but sometimes it’s good to get an outsider’s perspective on things. Sometimes we look at things from a singular perspective and we lose some of the most important factors in situations. We need to understand that there are many other people who can help us with our problems because ultimately it will make us happy.

But if you really want to be happy, you cannot worry about what others think of you because ultimately they don’t matter; only God matters in the end. 


We have covered a lot of great information from the scriptures that can help us live a better life, but this is all we really need. If we read through the Bible and see what God says about happiness, then we know exactly what to do.

When you feel lost or out of place, just throw everything on the ground and start looking for God’s words in His book because it will help you find your way back to where you need to be.


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