10 Podcasts About God


As a believer I find the idea of discussing God fascinating and it’s one of my favorite pastimes. This is partly because many people who don’t believe in God can appreciate the benefits of a faith-based society like ilkhanate definition ap world history, but also because when I talk about my beliefs often other people are eager to share their own perspectives. Here are ten podcasts that explore various faith-related topics, from what it means to be human not just to being absent from much in life.

1. The God Pod

A Christian podcast hosted by Dan Miller (of “Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place” fame) that looks at everything from theology to aspects of human existence. A special topic each week is devoted to one of the Apostle Paul’s letters, and Dan takes his guests through them as well as life outside of religion.

2. Ask Me Another with Ophira Eisenberg 

With two out of three episodes focusing on theology, this podcast is part storytelling, part critical analysis and all good fun. The host talks with leading thinkers about the influence of their ideas on pop culture and other common conversations.

3. What the Bible Says

An atheist podcast hosted by three friends who explore the world of religion and faith. Each episode is devoted to a major figure or concept in the Bible, such as love or faith, and each guest examines his work in relation to that subject.

4. Catholic Answers Live 

This program provides Catholic apologetics from a non-Catholic perspective, sticking to matters that challenge Catholic concepts without straying into the territory of theology or dogma. This can be appealing for believers and non-believers alike since it avoids some of the finer points of dogma (like the nature of Christ’s humanity) while still discussing important theological questions. If this is your kind of podcast I recommend listening to episodes with Dr. Peter Jones (of “Apologetics Press”) or Ravi Zacharias.

5. Conversations on the Edge

A program from East Tennessee State University that brings people together to discuss the Christian ethos. The host interviews people and asks them about their own lives and why they believe as they do, with a touch of humor and often a bit of controversy thrown in for good measure.

6. The Meaning of Life

This program from WallBuilders is more commonly known as “The Billy Graham Center for Evangelism”, but this particular podcast is an exploration of what it means to live a meaningful life, whether you’re religious or not. The host talks with people about how their life journey has led them to that point, whether in faith or not.

7. Ancient History with Dr. Richard Carrier

This podcast is a great listen for both believers and non-believers who want to dig deeper into the world of ancient history, especially since the host himself is an atheist. While he does discuss his own belief system (mainly to prove his points) he’s respectful and thoughtful in his approach and makes every effort to present facts in a fair manner, making this a show worth listening to for everyone interested in this topic.

8. Ask an Atheist

This podcast is more oriented towards people who already don’t believe but want to understand why others do. The host, David Smalley, interviews a new guest each week and talks with them about the philosophy of atheism in a conversational style.

9. The Bible Geek  and  Questioning My Faith

These two podcasts are the work of my friend and colleague Dr. Benjamin L. Corey, the best kind of person to examine biblical topics since he’s both a scholar and a Christian himself. His Questioning My Faith podcast deals specifically with matters of faith while his   Bible Geek podcast covers everything from analysis to criticism to general information about the Scriptures.

10. Atheist Universe

This podcast is a bit of a catchall for atheist viewpoints, covering topics from science and religion to politics and culture. This is where I’ll end up recommending most often since it’s just such a great overall idea, with lots of variety and really intelligent hosts who ask smart questions.  I’ve linked to some episodes that don’t specifically deal with faith, but they’re all worth listening to if you’re an atheist or curious about the view of non-believers.


So there you have it – the top 10 podcasts that tackle God and religion. And to finish up, I want to leave you with a few recommendations (for other podcasts as well as books and articles). As a Christian I express my love and gratitude for the Lord Jesus Christ; He is the living Word of God, the Savior of us all. I pray that everyone will one day find salvation and life in Him, because He grants it to those who seek Him with all their hearts. I hope you found some new podcasts to listen to on this list, either on your own or with your peers, and that you have as much fun listening as I do talking about these topics!


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