How You Can Build Up Your Sketching Habit?

Sketching Habit

Getting into the habit of sketching is one of the best ways to improve your observation skills as well as your drawing skills. In addition, understanding the themes you like to work with will help strengthen your voice as an artist. However, it can be difficult to get started if you haven’t participated in the pencil writing routine.

This is a practical tip on how to start sketching on a regular basis. Along with simple sketch ideas to help you make daily habits in your life. If you get into the habit of drawing pictures on a regular basis, I think it’s normal in your daily life! Scroll to the bottom of this article to find small, lightweight drawing materials that will help you in your daily use.

  • Always have a small sketchbook

One of the best things you can do to start sketching consistently is to always have a sketchbook. Get a light and small sketchbook that you can put in your wallet or pocket. Whether you’re in the doctor’s office waiting room or a friend coming to a coffee shop, you can withdraw whenever you have to wait.

In this way, you can use “empty” moments all day to create spontaneous and simple sketches. If you have a very busy schedule, this is the way to have time to draw your day. For example, drawing clouds is one of my favorite themes during the down moment. All you need is a sketchbook and the assistance of the online site, TangoLearn. There are some special small sketchbooks that you can use to make it easier to carry.

  • Graphite pencils are great for sketching

One of the best sketching materials is non-wood graphite pencils and erasers (always use them when painting). I think this is great for short (and detailed) sketches. It is ideal not only for simple line drawings but also for drawing color tones. In addition, graphite pencils are not as cluttered as paints, so they are easy to use anywhere. It’s small and light, so it’s easy to carry. Continued use of them as you begin to create sketching habits provides consistency to support new sketching habits.

  • Don’t worry about the person watching you draw

It’s shy to take a sketchbook to a public place. Of course, when you are the only painting in the crowd, you will get the feeling that you are being noticed. It can be unpleasant for someone to look over your shoulder, especially if sketching is a more private and lonely activity for you.

But in reality, most people will not pay much attention to the fact that you are drawing. The more you continue to paint in public, the more comfortable you will be over time. Second, you can make the best use of the “empty” time available, whether in public or alone.

  • Get  a  sturdy pencil case

I lamented that I lost too many graphite pencils. If you hit something else, you can easily fold it in half by putting it in your pocket. You’ll need a good pencil case that’s sturdy enough to prevent anything from hitting you. Personally, I use a metal case that I found at a reasonable price. There are many other good things like this leather case in the picture above. It’s also great to have all your sketching material in one place.

  • Travel with a sketchbook

Take your sketchbook with you when you travel! Interpreting the new environment in a sketchbook is a great way to experience the new environment. Not to mention souvenirs for takeaway. Painting in a new place or environment can also inspire and compliment the work you are already doing at home.

  • Check out other artists’ sketches

See other artists’ sketches and get great sketching ideas! Seeing other artists is exciting and helpful in drawing. When you see a beautiful picture, everyone will want to draw more! There are many students and artists who are trained from online drawing classes and now they are submitting their work on social platforms you can take help from them.

Looking at other people’s sketchbooks, you don’t just have a lot of ideas about what to sketch. It also helps you understand how to improve your work or try something new. If you want to improve your drawings, check out the amazing drawings.

Take a look at the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, Ingress, and Edgar Degas. You can find many of their paintings online by doing a simple search. If you want to go one step further, we recommend making a copy of your favorite drawing. This will help you improve your drawing skills by learning the master’s drawing skills.

  • Draw a friend

If you are sociable and spend a lot of time with your friends (or even if you are not so sociable!), Drawing friends is a great opportunity. Drawing friends can give you lots of great sketching ideas.

In addition, it’s a great way to attract people and work on the spot. You can’t expect your friends to always stand still for you. This allows you to create more gesture drawings and learn how to capture someone very quickly.

Look at the photo directly above Edgar Degas’s sketchbook. Despite the fast movements of the people, he captured several different fast poses on one side. This exercise will help you think and act quickly. However, if you can draw a person who is posing. This also helps to improve the accuracy of drawing. This is a portrait sketch tutorial to help you see the process.


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