Is streaming less expensive than cable?


We understand that the trend of cutting the cord has been on the rise and pricing has acted as the catalyst. Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, and plenty of other streaming services were intended to usher in a new era in television entertainment. Consumers would no longer have to pay excessive cable bills or watch as rates soared. For not more than $15 a month, you will have access to hundreds and thousands of shows and movies. 

All of this does remain technically correct. However, when we hear that the streaming service does not cost more than 15 bucks a month, we assume that that is all that they’re going to get charged. We overlook several factors, and in this article, we shall be discussing all the factors that make us question that is streaming less expensive than cable or is this also a mirage that we might be aimlessly chasing. 

So, without any further wait, let’s find out if and how streaming can be less expensive than cable.

Internet Only Packages

When you decide to cut the cord, then you have to choose the internet-only packages. Since you are now heavily reliant on the internet then you will have to increase your bandwidth as well, and of course, your bills will go up as well. When we decide to get the packages for the internet only we have to be extremely careful in the bandwidth that we are opting for. It can be done easily. For instance, if you get Xfinity internet service, you can simply contact Xfinity customer service and inquire about the available internet speeds and find out the plans well suited for you so that you do not end up wasting your money, nor the bandwidth. 

Once you have the perfect internet plan sorted, this way you will not have to pay for more than your consumption and can end up keeping the cost of streaming low. 

The Cost of Streaming Vs Cable

Cable subscriptions depend on several factors, such as where you are residing, which package you want with how many channels, and if you want DVR and several other features or not. For streaming, you need one internet package and a streaming service subscription. The most basic cable package costs somewhere around $25 monthly with not much to offer. 

Streaming a subscription even if you subscribe to more might still end up saving you some bucks and offer you a much larger array of content that you can choose from. 

Multiple Streaming Services

We cannot overlook the fact that the viewers are not always pleased with subscribing to only one streaming service, and they will end up subscribing to more than one. This is where they might start noticing that their monthly cost total is placing them back in the same cable bill territory. Exclusive content plays a crucial role in this decision. For instance, the F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Game of Thrones fans cannot find the show anywhere else but on HBO Max. As a Bridgerton lover, you would need Netflix, you cannot watch Mandalorian anywhere but Disney Plus. This list just keeps expanding your streaming service subscription. 

Multiple Screens

Multiple screens packages kick the affordability in the streaming services. As a cable TV viewer, you cannot have more than one wired connection in your home. If you do want to get more than one connection, you end up paying more for every one of them. The streaming gives you the benefit that you can purchase packages that have more than one screen allowed. That way anyone who wants to watch anything can simply switch the device and start streaming. 

Streaming Live TV

If you decide to opt for the live TV streaming services that will add more to the cost as well. There are plenty of exceptional Live TV streaming options such as FuboTV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, etc. But you might have to get more than one subscription for this as well if you are a sports fanatic as those are not available on all the streaming platforms. But that once again will only be your decision as to what you want to keep and ditch. You also have affordable options where you can subscribe to the sports networks’ direct streaming options. Which once again allows you to cut back the cost. 


So, as per the aforementioned argument, we can determine that streaming can end up being less expensive than cable, and most certainly it is. In the end, it all depends on your likings as to what to wish to watch and prefer and you can subscribe to cable or streaming, whatever may suit you best.


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