The Stories Of Bill Gates That Has Just Gone Viral!


    Bill Gates has become the world’s richest man but in the process he has also become one of its wealthiest philanthropists. He is a successful businessman, an entrepreneur and investor, and above all else a visionary whose ideas have consistently changed people’s lives in significant ways. Although Bill’s life started with humble beginnings, it is his work ethic born from his desire to beat out others that has enabled him to achieve so much. Bill gates questionable behavior is highlighted in the media and he is often mistaken as a “bad guy”, but the question that needs to be asked is: What kind of world would we be living in if Bill Gates hadn’t been there?

    The internet was not around when liberal government policies were founded. Bill Gates was a kid when computers were first being invented and not a lot of people had access to them. He spent hours and hours teaching himself how computers worked and eventually taught himself how to program them too. 

    As his school grades started to slip, he realized that it wasn’t just his grades that were slipping but his entire life was slipping away from him. This staggering biography goes into detail about what made Bill Gates so successful as an entrepreneur and how he maintained control over Microsoft during the company’s biggest years.

    The Stories Of Bill Gates That Has Just Gone Viral :

    1. Bill Gates was a child prodigy

    Bill Gates was born in Seattle Washington on October 28, 1955. In his late teenage years, Bill Gates was already enrolled in college and was one year into his master’s degree when he dropped out to found Microsoft with Paul Allen. In the early years of his life, there were many things that foreshadowed the work he would go on to do later on in life such as winning the first programming contest at the age of 14. 

    He also spent short amounts of time working for a variety of different software companies and government agencies before leaving them all behind to strike out on his own as an entrepreneur. He has never gone back to school to this day.

    2. Bill Gates is a Microsoft Founder

    Gates and Paul Allen started the company in 1975 after they dropped out of college. They purchased an old computer terminal that they planned on programming to do their work for them instead of doing it manually. 

    After their first attempt failed miserably, they realized that there was a market for computers and eventually wrote the program for MITS, a computer manufacturing company in Albuquerque, New Mexico. During the first few years of business, there were many ups and downs as well as different incarnations of Paul’s and Bill’s name on the product until it became known as Microsoft (Bill Gates +Paul Allen).

    3. Bill Gates is Microsoft’s first millionaire

    When Bill Gates decided to leave school to pursue his dream of making software and it was time to pay those student loans, he was broke and taking loans out of his life savings ($25,000) to pay them off. In fact, at one point in time, the company debt was higher than the market value of the company itself which led to four years of Microsoft stock being sold off at below cost as a form of public humiliation against Gates.

    4. Bill Gates is a self-made billionaire

    Although it may seem like Bill Gates is all about money, he has donated billions over the years, and one of his early success habits was donating a small portion of his income to charities. The largest of all these donations came in the form of over $36 million and went to various charities including the American Red Cross, Amnesty International, and the United Nations Foundation. 

    When you look at where Microsoft’s bottom line started in the early days, it was on a shoestring budget just like he had been raised on as a child. He never turned down an opportunity nor did he seek out handouts from his fellow entrepreneurs when confronted with financial hardship.

    5. Bill Gates is a business legend

    Although there are some skeptics who believe that Bill Gates has been a straight and narrow businessman, there are many others who know that his business tactics have often been at the cost of others in the industry. Although it was Microsoft’s DOS that drove IBM from being the largest software vendor in the world to number two, Bill Gates had his sights on the future. The Windows operating system is what really made people take notice of Microsoft and opened up more doors for them to make a profit. 

    He is the creator of Windows and is known as the “Father” of Microsoft. Although there are many who believe that Bill Gates has been somewhat of a dictator in the industry, he had over $10 billion donated to him to continue his work with Microsoft so it would appear that there are also many people who believe in his vision.


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