Malzhar’s spellbook guide

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This webcomic tells a story about a boy wizard who is trying to complete a task given by a powerful wizard by reading the spell book of his mentor. 

I have read through all of the chapters so far and have enjoyed this comic so much that I wanted to document it for people who want to know more because it has been discontinued. In particular, I will cover what is available in each chapter if anyone wants to begin reading right away. 

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This webcomic may not be as good as it’s successor “Hero” but I thought that the story was still good and I wanted to make a guide to clarify some things for any people who were interested in it. 

Here are some points discussed about Malzhar’s spell book-

1. The storyline.

When I first started reading the comic I thought that it was going to be a story about Malzhar being a college student just like in the other stories. 

As it turns out, the story is mostly about him being a boy wizard who happens to be a college student as well. 

However, if you have read through all of the chapters, you have learned that Malzhar was not always a boy wizard and he has done some things along the way.

2. Commentary on how to complete a task related to spell book.

I think that the author did a pretty good job giving commentary on how to complete a task related to spell book. The author did a little of this for each of the chapters and some did not have much commentary. 

However, I think that if there was more commentary or more examples given, it might be better since it is an important part of completing tasks related to spell book.

3. The powers of Malzhar’s magic staff and bat.

In each chapter, the author tells us what the power is related to for each chapter/task to complete in order to read his mentor’s spell book. 

The powers of the staff and bat are discussed in some parts of the story. However, there is a lot of unknown about these abilities so it would be better to have more details for this later on. 

4. Secondary characters

As a secondary character, I think that Ungo has been a very interesting character to have appeared so far. 

I think that he has been the comic’s main antagonist so far and I enjoyed his story line as far as what he did regarding Malzhar learning spells from his mentor. 

The rest of the secondary characters that appear in the story are not too important considering their roles in Malzhar’s life but it would be better if they had more important roles later on since they are secondary characters.

5. The last few chapters

It would be better if the author kept writing more chapters to explain the story further and give more information about Malzahar especially now that he has become a teenager. 

Therefore, I think that this webcomic was very good at explaining how to complete tasks related to spell book but it was not written as well as “Hero” which is why I thought that this was not published as well. 

However, I still think that this webcomic is worth reading through all of its chapters so far which you can do on ComicFury.

That is all that I wanted to document about this webcomic.

Malzhar got his original spell book from the magic library in the Land of Magic by passing the test of becoming an apprentice of magic. 

A magician named Grey Wolf gave Malzhar his original spell book so he could read it and get inspired to complete his former mentor’s last wish. 

The last task for Malzhar was given by Ungo in chapter 22 when Ungo teleported in front of him in front of his college dorm with a teleportation orb which he used to transport him back to the Land of Magic.

6. Other things I wanted to add

I think that the author did a pretty good job on this webcomic especially since he was not too ambitious on it. 

However, there were some things that I noticed while reading through the story and had hoped that they would be done more in depth. 

One of the main ideas of this webcomic is about Malzhar wanting to get his mentor’s last wish and pass some tests given by him in order to find out what his last wish is and finally answer what happened to him. 

Another idea is how he got use of his original spell book from the magic library in the Land of Magic.


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