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Hi! My name is Lissandra and I am a League of Legends player. This build guide aims to provide some insight on what works and doesn’t work for me and how you can use my utility to your advantage!

Let me know can you cleanse lissandra ult?

I always find it funny that I am not always seen as a “support” because I don’t use any healing items. 

However, with the purchase of my new boots, Lissandra has not just become one of the most powerful roams but also one of the most powerful supports in the game! 

With this build guide, we will look at ways you can dominate your opponents with all sorts of support items such as Sightstone and morello’s evil eye.

Here are some points discussed about Lissandra build guide-

1. Pro’s and Con’s of Lissandra build guide

PRO’s :

This build is very effective because of the support items it carries. The fact that it has the Ethereal Chains ultimate makes lissandra extremely powerful in lane or roaming around your lane. 

It can secure kills with her ultimate which is particularly effective when combined with her passive, Spirit Rush . 

Her ultimate slows down enemy champions which can also be used for power spikes during team fights. 

By having two AP carries, she can burst down the enemies which may not be able to kill her during the early game. 

It can clear waves of minions which is great for Lissandra’s farm out of the jungle. This build is very effective because it has some magic penetration on top of building right enhancements and also mr power so your abilities are almost always hitting their maximum potential damage.


Building magic pen on any champion needlessly takes away their mr so you lose some magic pen on items but there are some specific items where you can build both magic pen and mr in the same slot which allows you to put a point into your late game power spike.

2. Early Game play style

Lissandra’s harass pattern is to spam her ability in their face, auto attack them when they look back for a second and use her Q to slow them down. 

Then, if she sees the opportunity she will make a quick dash at them from behind and hit them from behind with her R followed by her ultimate which slows them down even more. This allows Lissandra to make the most of this strategy.

3. Mid Game play style

One of the main aspects that make this build guide very good is the fact that the build has a ton of mana regeneration and also cooldown reductions which can allow you to spam your skills almost indefinitely. This strategy works well with her E, Q and R.

4. Late Game play style

Usually, by this point in the game, Lissandra’s AP will be quite high. She can use all her spells to pick off enemies 1 by 1 or she can use them for team fights because this build allows Lissandra to nuke down multiple targets at once.

5. Final tips.

The one thing you should not forget is to try to engage or disengage team fights with your E, Q and R! This will allow you to deal the most damage during team fights while popping your Haunting Guise. 

These items will thrive in late game where everyone has their full build and you will be able to land more skills on your enemies.

This is a general guide on building Lissandra with no itemization changes, the itemization changes are quite extensive, but I will list them here for easy reference. 

I am not affiliated with Riot Games nor do I play League of Legends competitively so please DO NOT leave hate comments or questions for me. I’m just giving you useful information so you can make better decisions during game play!

Lissandra build guide 4.13k 5 73 5 This is my build for lissandra. 

It’s pretty good against champions with high magic penetration, if you’re in lane against Malzahar, try to go mr though lightning strike gives more damage . 

If you’re laning against an adc who has armor, go hp so you have more damage but low hp so you are more vulnerable to getting hit by their spells or few people coming for your team .

You can also ignore malzahar in late game because ethereal chains silences them for one second .

That’s all! I hope you enjoy reading this guide and spread the word to everyone to help out League of Legends players who are having difficulties with their game. I will always be there listening, so please feel free to leave any comments or questions you may have.


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