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Growing up the most difficult thing to achieve is time. Time for yourself, for your care, for your work and for your future life. Majority, under society’s pressure of keeping up with the world, give the latter two priorities over themselves. It is not at the instant they realize what they have done but after a while when they are not able to get satisfaction through their line of work. It is just when they start thinking they should have loved themselves a bit more. They become too overwhelmed to discuss their problems and find help to sort them out. However it is never too late to make things right.

People are able to seek help through mental health therapy and find themselves at some better point of their current state. Though there are many others who are restricted because of time! There came one useful way to save them as numerous health centers made online psychologist consultation available. Those who could not afford to go to therapy due to less time, commute problems and being dense while opening up about themselves took the advantage of it. Adolescents busy in school and college also got a chance for them to get better through online therapy which was declared as effective as in-person therapy.

ReliveNow is a web-based mental health foundation which offers professional, convenient and cost-effective solutions as well as promotes mental health awareness. If looking for the best psychiatrist in Karachi then register at ReliveNow. Through its fifteen minutes free counselling session, the mentor studies your condition and helps you connect with a suitable therapist. In their online psychologist consultation, it provides bilingual services to cater the language barrier for everyone. There’s a qualified and experienced variety of mental health professional on call to guide you well towards your healing journey.

People may not take this fact seriously but workaholics are declared to have a behavioural disorder. They are not doing work because they enjoy it but it is like they are inveigled to work even past their working hours. They might act strange if they are ever free because they think they should be working all the time. Workaholism develops due to job pressure, financial crisis or poor relationship problems. Overworking done sometimes seems normal however if it is done regularly, the individual is most likely to suffer from psychiatric illnesses. The symptoms include OCD, ADHD, anxiety and depression. It does not only affect the workaholic but also the team working with him. They feel under pressure to do more work or keep up with the tendency.

Extreme workaholics have to stop working both mentally and physically when their health starts to deteriorate. They look gloomy and do not participate in other life activities actively because they are exhausted. This does not mean it can’t be helped. Even little efforts make a difference so the first step is for them to realize how much they are overworking. It should be made clear to them it is not just about boasting over extra hours or for bonus payment. Working at official office hours is really effective when a person gets off at evening with plenty of time to engage into other things and even relax peacefully at home. Weekends should be spent like one if there is no work required. Spend it with family and friends or even reading your favourite book.

It is better to get online psychologist consultation for workaholics who cannot afford to waste much time in order to go in-person session. To reduce work addiction, mental health experts can help efficiently. They can plan out your counselling sessions not disturbing your work routine. Therapy can make you feel calm if you are willing to realize the problem and try to make yourself better. When there is more time on weekend, you can easily schedule online session. Frequent interactions prove to increase your progress. This can also help to develop a strong client and therapist relationship. In a way workaholics can have more time to discover themselves. Learn to love and take care of themselves a bit more because that is what is necessary to live through life happily and stress free.

Overworking also happens with teenagers who are students. There is much pressure on students to study as well as score top marks from both parents and teachers. In school, they have to work hard for a good college and then for a good university. Students who engulf themselves in studies all the time are referred as nerd but no one notices their change of behavior. By studying all the time, they lack skills to socialize and engage into other extracurricular activities. These students overwork due to fear of failure, parents and teachers scolding them and the overall stress for exams. Most of these teenagers are not able to afford the luxury of friends as they do not have time to interact with anyone at all. For an adolescent this behavior is concerning as they would not be competent enough for future life struggles.

Over a time, the students become overwhelmed and depressed with continuous routine. They appear to have disturbed sleep schedule and miss meals during the day. High chances of them getting into suicidal acts if they are neglected and no one is there to help them. It is for their own benefit that the close relations must not pressure them from the starting age. Making your children understand the importance of something is a must but to force them to do something they are average at is not helpful for anyone.

In today’s age, everyone know how mental health therapy has become a basic need especially of young people during the pandemic. Online psychologist consultation proves beneficial for students who are overwhelmed to focus on assignments and keep up with online classes. Since there is no need to go out, many students actually took up online therapy and found themselves at better state of mind. It helps students to face their problems with calm and thoughtful solutions without being overburden by outside pressure.


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