Seven Things To Know About Humidity Skateboard Shop


Hands down, one of the most impressive places to spend your time on Earth is in the humid skateboard shop. The shop has been around for over a decade and is located in Venice, California. It carries a range of skateboards from all over the world complete with some eclectic graphics but does not discriminate against potential customers: No matter what type of boarding you enjoy or how much money you have, this shop is for you. Humidity skateboard shop is run by an enigmatic individual known only as (Illuminatus) who, for the purposes of this article, shall be referred to as (The Prophet).

The Prophet’s secret is as mysterious as it is interesting. He has a network of loyal followers throughout the world who, for years, have been quietly spreading his message of peace, unity and humility. In exchange for their services to The Prophet, which include traveling from far-off places to store their wares in some of our great skateboard shops (like Humidity skateboard shop), and providing him with an online review site (Illuminatural) that he can use to communicate with his followers, they receive a healthy amount of discounts at Humidity skateboard shop. After all, the Prophet’s best customers are usually the ones who buy the most boards and boards only take up space in a place like this.

Seven Things To Know About Humidity Skateboard Shop :

1. It’s Not Easy Being The Prophet

The Prophet is not the kind of person who suffers fools gladly. Beyond that, he has a very high standard for his followers and they must, above all else, be humble. In fact, The Prophet’s favorite saying is: “When you meet somebody who appears to be successful, ask yourself: ‘Did they earn it? Or did they inherit it?’ ‘ ” He has explained that these words are very important in explaining to people how they should live their lives and how they should interact with others.

2. Humility Is The First Step To Becoming A Prophet

Being a Prophet requires a certain level of humility that can be very difficult to achieve. This is because, in order to be able to see and properly interpret the signs that are sent to us by The Prophet, we have to trust him so implicitly that we have no doubt that he knows what he is doing. This level of trust takes years for even the most devout follower (although this does not mean you cannot start on your path toward Prophethood immediately). At Humidity skateboard shops, however, there are always many who begin their journey towards this great goal.

3. The Prophet Is Finally Getting Some Respect

It can be difficult for a person to be humble when so many people are constantly trying to tear you down. In fact, that is exactly what has happened in the past. At one point, The Prophet had a falling out with many of his followers and they started their own shops elsewhere in the United States, Europe and even Asia. However, in recent years, they have come back to Humidity skateboard shops and rededicated themselves to their craft. In response, The Prophet has shown them great admiration but prefers not to acknowledge their actions publicly for fear of embarrassing them for making mistakes in the past (and we all make mistakes). 

4. The Prophet Is An Excellent Skateboarder

The Prophet was initially an accomplished skateboarder who is proud of his many accomplishments in this sport. After years of being a professional skater, The Prophet decided to dedicate himself full time to what he loves best- The Bible, which is essentially a collection of poetry written by the Prophet and other Prophets. However, the number one hobby of The Prophet’s life is always skateboarding and it was through his love of the sport that he learned many things that he later applied to his life as a prophet.

5. The Prophet Is Based In Venice

The Prophet realized that there were so many Skateboarders on the West Coast, especially in California and nearby countries, that he decided to rent a building on the street of Abbot Kinney in Venice, California. People will come from far and wide to worship him and it is a great place to be if you are looking for a skateboard shop with a relaxed atmosphere where you can chill out while still shopping for your next board.

6. The Prophet Has A Great Love For Animals

Cats make the perfect pets because they require so little attention during the day when The Prophet is hard at work improving his business or planning for the future of his followers. They also provide protection for local skateboarders who, as a rule, should be somewhat wary of strangers. The Prophet is so committed to his pets that he has even made it a policy that anyone caught feeding his cats will be banned from the store.

7. The Prophet Really Loves Pink Floyd

The Prophet is a self-professed fan of the great rock band, Pink Floyd and has been known to play songs by them while teaching new skateboarders how to ride. He has stated in the past that “Pink Floyd’s music helps me keep things in perspective and reminds me of my place in the world.


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