Often, we are so deeply intertwined with our thoughts that it is difficult to see where they are coming from like rotational logos. What does make us humans–what makes us human–this is what psychologists aim to understand.

The sins of psychological aspects may vary in their severity and may not be outward manifestations of the same sin, but each one shares a common characteristic: they are all destructive. By learning about these sins and refraining from their temptation, people can better understand their own thought processes which lead them to poor decisions. 


Everybody faces obstacles in life, but a healthy mindset allows people to overcome these difficulties. 

Homework is a typical example of this. A person who continually leaves assignments unfinished may be struggling with the sin of sloth. It may be easy to say “I don’t want to do it” or “there’s something else I need to do,” but there are always reasons why something has not been completed–perhaps the person lacks motivation, or maybe they just don’t have time. The good thing is that there are ways to become more productive and work more effectively; one just needs to find the key to their success and use it! 

2. POOR WAKEFULNESS (sin of Gluttony)

A lack of sleep can be a sign of the sin of gluttony.

It’s no secret that if one sleeps little, they cannot function as well as they used to. 

Perhaps they are trying to do too much in one day, or maybe the person is just plain lazy–either way, it is a problem. 

Many people today experience symptoms similar to those who were ill during medieval times; there are many similarities between the two conditions, both being associated with laziness and overindulgence. Through medicine and healthy habits, like getting enough sleep, we can maintain better health while living productive lives. 


Sins of anger and shame are often linked to violent thoughts, but the sin of wrath is a more hidden one. 

It may not be obvious that the person experiencing this sin is someone who struggles with depression, but their unconcealed rage and jealousy can lead them to certain destructive thoughts. 

Often, they will act on these feelings in ways that others might find strange. When this happens, the people around them can become confused and worried–how can they help someone who appears so angry?

The good thing is that there’s always a way to work through this problem; help is just a phone call away! 

4. HOMESICKNESS (sin of Envy)

It is natural to desire a change in scenery, but there is a difference between wanting to see the world and pining away for home.

If this sin has a hold on someone, they may want nothing more than to return to their old life. 

The bad news is that they will not be able to change what’s happened in the past–it is crucial that they learn how to accept their situation and embrace it. 

Life goes on, and this will happen no matter what, whether it be good or bad–one might as well try to make the best of it! 


It may be easy to blame others for a poor performance on an exam, but this is more likely a sign of the sin of sloth. 

A person who struggles with this sin will not even try to study or learn what they don’t know because they have so many ideas floating inside their head. 

Rather than do something productive, they will just daydream. This is an unhealthy habit that could lead to failed attempts at passing exams and other tests. 

People who want to change their lives for the better must also change their thinking–learning about things without doing them is a waste of time! 


When we find ourselves in situations that aim to shame us, it’s only natural that we’ll feel bad about it. 

When the sin of envy has a hold on someone, they may feel bad about things that are said about them. 

They might even be more bothered by negative comments than they were by positive ones. It’s no secret that many people struggle with this sin, yet each one can find a way to overcome this obstacle. 

By taking on a positive mindset and keeping things in perspective, they can learn to be more content with themselves. 


It is so easy to mind our own business today; people rarely want to get involved in someone else’s affairs. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can be if it’s carried too far!

We could make the argument that this isn’t a sin at all, as it may seem–to some extent, people need a break from the stress of life and that might be why they choose not to mingle with others.


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