Taking Cerberos for a Walk Without Phosphorus Clone

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First, Phosphorus Clones is a bar in the Portland, Oregon area that has a giant, extraordinarily expensive dog named Cerberos. 

That’s right: Giant Dog. This four-legged wonder is so impressive and so expensive ($7,000/year), they even rent out horse trailers to bring it to events outside of the bar!

Despite this being too extravagant and farfetched to be true here in Springfield, the owners claim that it’s all true! 

Hilariously enough, people from all over are flocking to Phoenix for their chance at meeting this hulking beast. The bar’s owners say they don’t take Cerberos out often, but when they do, they like to give him a nice walk without grabbing a leash.

This has brought up a few concerns in the local community. According to the Oregon Law Enforcement website, a dog must be on-leash at all times unless in a designated off-leash area. 

Despite this fact and despite protests from some residents, others agree that it’s okay for Cerberos to go for walks without one. 

Here are some more points discussed about taking cerberos for a walk

1. The walking itself is not a problem. 

The concern is that when Cerberos does leave the bar, he’s not on a leash. He could be attacked by other dogs or shot by someone with a gun. 

The owners are in the wrong if they take Cerberos outside of what is acceptable and what they should be expected to do, especially since they’re renting trailers and it costs too much to keep him inside of their establishment.

2. Phoenix’s City Council is creating their own set of rules for this dog. 

The owner’s often take Cerberos to local events and allow him to interact with other people. These include “PetPalooza” and other events around the area, including outside of his bar. But the owners have come out claiming that they should be able to take him for walks without a leash.

3. The owners are threatening to sue the city if it follows through with intended rules.

The owners say that if the city does not waive their leash law for Cerberos, they will sue them for failing to provide adequate care for him. 

4. The dog is owned by a bunch of students from Shasta College. 

The students have taken ownership of Cerberos when he was just one year old, but they’ve been running Phosphorus Clones since they were old enough to work there (which is actually pretty young). 

This dog holds a special place in their hearts, and they love to see him go on walks without a leash. So they’re not really sure why the city is so concerned for Cerberos’s well being.

As of today, the city is still trying to decide whether or not Cerberos should be allowed as-is to go for walks without a leash. 

The city council has yet to make any final decisions about taking action, but more information will come out in the upcoming weeks. 

They are looking at both opinions on this issue and what they believe would be best for everyone involved with this very unusual situation. 

5. The owners have been very upfront about the costs they must pay to keep Cerberos. 

The owners have stated on their Facebook page that they spent $14,000 just to get Cerberos in April 2017. 

They also claimed that it cost them another $7,000/year to keep him and continue his care, which is why they’ve asked for help from their fans. 

Cerberos is a very important part of the community at Phosphorus Clones, and the owners know how much the patrons love him. 

They’ll do anything in their power to keep him there and save his life, which is why they have asked for some help. 

6. The owners claim it’s the city’s job to provide insurance for Cerberos. 

One of the primary things that makes this situation worse is that the owners don’t want to pay for everything themselves. 

They want investors and they want help from the city so they can provide Cerberos with proper care. They’ve asked for $30,000 in funds (some of which will go towards buying a blanket and a new collar), but they expect this number to grow as time goes on. 

7. There is some disagreement about the costs for Cerberos. 

Some residents think the owners are scamming their patrons, claiming that they raised the price of a running tab to pay for Cerberos’s needs while they’re out and about. 

Even if this isn’t true, the city still thinks it’s unreasonable to leave the dog alone when they can’t be there to take care of him.


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