Ten Stereotypes About Wallpapers That Aren’t Always True


From wallpaper battles in the early 2000’s to debates about whether or not it should be considered art, wallpaper is a beloved topic across the internet. The truth of the matter is that wallpapers are as diverse and varied as the people using them – but most importantly, they are not all for kids! Pixel 3xl project cars 2 wallpaper is the link to the full article. The truth is that there are thousands of professionals and businesses that utilize wallpapers in their offices and homes. From graphic designers to interior designers, many people choose to include wallpapers as an important part of their design arsenal.

Ten Stereotypes About Wallpapers That Aren’t Always True:

1) Wallpaper is just for children:

This is a funny one since wallpaper can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars – but it’s also a very common misconception about wallpapers. There are actually some beautiful patterns created by some very talented artists, with prices that reflect this artwork not “kid” artwork. It really is a matter of what you’re willing to purchase and install in your space.

2) Wallpaper is Too Expensive:

While wallpaper can be on the expensive side for some people, there are many bargains and deals to be found on popular sites like eBay. With so many sources available, it’s even possible to find wallpapers that were produced by well-known designers from years ago at a very affordable price.

3) Wallpaper is all about looks:

While it’s true that many people love the design and look of wallpapers, there are many others that choose the wallpaper for functional purposes like hiding unsightly cords or organizing a cluttered home office. Many walls are simply exactly that – a blank canvas to be transformed with different elements. With newer, updated wallpaper designs and styles, this is easier than ever before – both within your home and in the market.

4) Wallpaper is bad for the environment:

With global warming becoming an increasingly important issue in today’s society, recycling and reusing materials has been emphasized more than ever before. This is especially true for materials like wallpaper that have a long lifespan. Even if you choose to remove the wallpaper from your walls, you can easily recycle or reuse these materials to make new wallpapers in the future.

5) It’s just a trend:

There are many trends in the world of architecture and design, and for the last few decades, wallpaper has been part of this design. With top designers putting their own spin on it, there are numerous styles and designs that work well with any home decor theme or color scheme. From modern to vintage to classic, there’s something for everyone when it comes to choosing how you want to style your walls.

6) Wallpaper can’t be installed:

This is a common misconception about wallpaper and for anyone who has ever painted their walls or replaced a countertop, it’s easy to figure out that many wallpaper designs can be installed by any DIY’er. If you’re not comfortable with installing wallpaper yourself, there are many professionals who would love to help you out. 

7) It’s messy:

It’s true that there are some wallpapers that are difficult to work with, but not all of them. With many wallpaper designs, there are many different elements to work with and it’s even possible to purchase creative vinyl patterns that are adhesive backed and easy to apply, making the entire process much easier. There is a growing trend of buying “rolling” or “floating” wallpaper which can be used on walls of all materials.

8) Wallpaper takes up too much wall space:

One major thing that people forget when it comes to choosing wallpaper is their own room size limitations. When choosing wallpapers, you must consider how your house layout will work with the wallpaper design itself before finalizing your order. Some may be too large or too small to fit the area you want to place it in, so make sure you plan for this first.

9) It’s all about the color:

While color selection is an important factor when choosing wallpaper, this is by no means the only factor that should be taken into consideration. Many people choose to design their wallpapers using textures and patterns as well to complete their overall design scheme. Color is by no means a bad thing but there are many other things that should be taken into consideration first.

10) You can’t hang anything on your wall:

If this has ever been your experience, then you’re not alone. Many people prefer to hang artwork on their walls instead of installing them. With so many creative options available, using wallpaper as the main piece of art is the perfect way to design a space that works with the overall design scheme. Of course, there are those who still prefer hanging their artwork – especially those with a more traditional or vintage theme may continue doing this. The great thing about wallpapers is that there are so many different designs and styles to choose from, and it’s simple enough to mix and match your favorite patterns with those of other designers.


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