Ten Solid Evidences Why Pet Stores Are Good For Your Career Development


Pet stores are a magical place. Not only are you able to purchase food for your pet, but you can also learn so much about animals with the help of the staff, and pick up some great tips on how to care for them! And if that weren’t enough, they’re also often inexpensive – which is perfect if you’re on a budget. So if you’re new to the pet community, you might be wondering how important these stores are for your career development. It would be a mistake to assume that a pet store is all about selling food. 

In fact, it makes sense for a career of any kind to include sales and customer service experiences, so even if you don’t end up buying anything from your local Pet Smart, there are still plenty of opportunities to learn and grow as a person. Pet photo contests 2015 is a great place to start. It’s easy to see why pet stores are so beneficial to anyone looking for career development. Not only are you getting paid for your work and learning tons of great tips that will make your life easier, but you’re also meeting people and making connections that will last a lifetime.

And with the growth in the pet community, there’s plenty of opportunity to expand into new areas if you wish.

Ten Solid Evidences Why Pet Stores Are Good For Your Career Development :

1. Learning and observing

You’ll get to see how each employee works, what their processes are for new products, what customers need to be able to purchase items such as crates or toys, and whether there’s a particular type of customer you should be paying attention to. You’ll be able to learn from the best and make sure you’re the best.

2. Sales and customer service

A pet store is a great place to practice both selling and customer service skills. If you work in a pet store full-time without getting paid for it, your employer can deduct that experience from your income tax and also pay you for it on your W-4 form – which we all know is crucial towards your career development.

3. Connections and potential jobs

In a pet store you can meet people who have connections in the pet community and potentially get your foot in the door at a place that really interests you. You also can make friends with other employees who may be able to help you out in other ways as well.

4. Making extra income

Besides getting paid for your job at a pet store, you could also be making extra income by selling your personal pets. There are also opportunities for putting together events or even doing promotions for new items when they first come out, which is something to take advantage of if possible as well.

5. Getting free products

Many pet stores will provide free items to employees in hopes that they’ll eventually purchase more items from the store and refer their friends. We all know that free stuff is hard to turn down, so it’s easy to see how this could be a huge benefit to your career development as well!

6. Forming friendships and networking with fellow employees

Since you’re going out of your way to get out of the house or office, you’re going to have plenty of time for making friends, getting together for lunches or coffee after work, and connecting with others in a different industry. You’ll be more likely to make friends that last a lifetime and have a support system that you can count on during the tough times.

7. Making contacts for other jobs

Teaching animal care classes, grooming services, veterinarian assistance or sitting at the front desk with your pet are just some of the ways you can meet new people while you’re at work who could help out with future employment opportunities. It also gives you an idea of what it might be like to work in another industry altogether and decide if it’s right for you or not.

8. Developing and honing your skills

Maybe you want to use your pet care experience to become a vet assistant or a trainer. Maybe you want to get into exotic animal care or dog grooming. Or maybe you’re just taking all the tips that the pet store staff members have given you and using them to grow your own business. These pet stores are great places to learn, develop and hone skills that will ultimately be beneficial in some way, shape or form later in life.

9. Growing your personal brand

There are plenty of opportunities to promote yourself and your business with a pet store, whether it’s through social media or meeting people at events. You can even join a group that focuses on promoting local businesses. Not only will you be showing people who you are and what you’re capable of, but you’ll also be able to get exposure for your blog, website, YouTube channel or other social media platforms.

10. Making money.

While pet-store employees are typically paid for their time at the store, they’re also expected to “volunteer” with the store. If you’re in a position where you can’t afford to buy anything, but still want to work at a pet store either part-time or full-time, selling used items on eBay is free money! Some stores even allow you to set up your own area in their store and sell goods as well.


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