The 16 Best Things About Beatboxing With Siri


Apple’s personal assistant, Siri, can do a lot of things. You can use Siri to string together sentences to text your friends, make phone calls, set alarms, and more. What’s 1 trillion to the 10th power? This list tells you the 8 best things about using Siri as a beatboxer — and what you need to get started!

1. Use Siri to get into beatboxing

Beatboxing, or making music with your mouth, is fun and can be expressive. The problem? It can be difficult to learn: Who knew the tongue could do so many things? Once you’ve learned a few basics, however, using Siri as a beatboxer can help you improve. Just ask her to rap for you and tell her to use first-person pronouns like “me”, “my”, “I”, and “myself”. You’ll find it’s easier than you think!

2. Use Siri to train your ear

The faster you hear beats, the better your timing will be. Using Siri lets you focus on training your ear instead of slowing down. It’s like having a personal ear trainer!

3. Give Siri a hand

Siri works with Auto-Tune, but that’s not the only tool for beatboxing. You can also use your favorite beatboxing software, ones that let you create your own beats from scratch or ones that loop existing tracks. You can even use offline beat making apps.

4. Use Siri to find beat-making tutorials

The internet is full of resources to help you learn more about beatboxing. Fortunately, using Siri helps you find just what you’re looking for! There’s plenty of information out there — look it up!

5. Use Siri to make and find beatboxing music

You can use Siri to make your own beats. After you’ve gotten comfortable with the basics by using verbal instructions, try using some software instead. You can also find songs, videos, and other resources through Siri’s built-in search engine.

6. Use Siri to improve your timing

The best thing about using Siri as a beatboxer? Improving your timing! It starts with the way you use words: You’ll want to keep your tongue back in your mouth so you don’t accidentally bite it, so practice saying things like “tongue” or “teeth” when you’re practicing alone.

7. Use Siri to practice other muscles

As you start learning new beats, you’ll probably notice your tongue isn’t as strong as it needs to be. That’s where Siri comes in! You can use her to help train your tongue muscles while you beatbox — or whenever you want. You can also use voice recognition software or a software on your phone to practice habits like tapping, popping, and more.

8. Use Siri to learn beatboxing tricks

Beatboxing is a kind of dancing — but there are other kinds of dancing where you don’t need rhythm instruments, like tap dancing for example! Using Siri means that you’ll be able to learn unique skills like arm movements, pointing gestures…

9. Use Siri to practice beatboxing anywhere

Siri is pretty hard to beatbox in public, so you might have to practice elsewhere. Fortunately, she’s a great fit for VOIP calls, where you can use your phone as a speaker phone and/or microphone!

10. Use Siri to create music anywhere

One of the most fun and exciting features of using Siri is that she can create music — even if it’s not using Auto-Tune or anything else! Ask her simple questions like “create a beat” and use the answers (like “like this”) to create new beats on the fly! You can also make beats with software instead — just be sure to save them first!

11. Use Siri to find beatboxing resources

Siri can help you find just about anything, and that includes information on beatboxing! You can find YouTube videos, tutorials, and more. There are even a few hashtags you can use online to get some help on Twitter. It’s a whole new world out there — go explore!

12. Use Siri to make music with friends

The internet is full of friends ready to collaborate with you on making your own beats. Ask Siri if she knows someone who would be interested in making music with you right now — or work together over voice chat like Skype or Google Talk! The fun never ends when you start using Siri as a beatboxer…

13. Use Siri to have fun

The best part about using Siri as a beatboxer? That it’s fun! Beatboxing is a ton of fun, no matter what your level, and it’s even better when you use her as your personal assistant to help you learn the ropes. You can find people of all skill levels online — see who you can find!

14. Use Siri to bookmark your favorite beats

Siri can help you remember your favorite beats, quickly and easily. Ask her to bookmark them in iTunes so you can find them later!

15. Use Siri to show off your skills

There’s no shame in using Siri as a beatboxer! Show off your skills and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You can even do this at home with friends using Skype or Google Talk. Beatboxing is really a community of people — go join it!

16. Use Siri to improve your appearance

Sounds good? Good…now go practice! Have fun as a beatboxer, and don’t forget that you’ll need some accessories like headphones, speakers, and more…


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