The 7 Best Things About Authentic 90s Fashion


The authentic 90s grunge fashion is back in style, which means that you can finally let go of all of your jeans-and-hoodies wardrobe staples. If you’re looking for a little more nostalgia and authenticity in your closet, we have a few best bets for styling yourself like the ultimate 90s babe.

In this post, we’ll cover the 7 best things about authentic 1990s fashion. Starting with…

1. Metallic and Glitter

Metallic and glitter are two of the most nostalgic trends to emerge from the ’90s. They’re also a great way to make your clothes look very 90s, and best of all, they’re relatively affordable.

If you’re heading into a budget-friendly shopping trip with a “disposable income”, why not buy some props while you’re there? Vogue once famously called Glitter the “new black”, so maybe it’s time to test out this theory. It’ll add that extra bit of sparkle to any outfit and you’ll find the material is fairly easy to clean up after. 

2. Vogue-Style Ball Gowns

Budget-friendly ball gowns are one of the next best things about 90s style. Many of them look very similar to their more expensive counterparts, but they’re great for students, or anyone looking to save money.

Vogue once famously called Glitter the “new black”, so maybe it’s time to test out this theory. If you’re feeling a little bit more adventurous, why not have a go at creating your own? Most ball gowns are basically made up of lace and satin and can be made quickly with just a sewing machine and some interfacing . If you’re very lucky, you might even find one that’s already made… 

3. Easy-to-Clean Materials

All of these pieces are made of easy-to-clean fabrics that don’t require a lot of upkeep. Lace is a great way to add an extra bit of softness to your outfit and can be easily tailored. Metallic fabrics also tend to be easy to clean because they’re easier to remove when they get smudged.

4. Bright Colors

I’ve found that 90s fashion is best when it’s as bright, bold, and brash as possible. You can avoid looking like a sad sack by adding in some carefully transitioned patterns, like paisley, that add a sense of playfulness to your outfit.

The 90s were a time of many firsts, including the beginning of the internet. Most of the websites from that era are long gone now, but for anyone looking for some nostalgic web browsing you can check out where you can view all of the pages from any site that ever existed on the internet. You’ll be able to find almost anything from clothing sites, to entertainment sites, and even sites related to conspiracy theories.

5. Hairbows

The 90s were a great time for accessories, and hairbows are one of the best ways to make your outfit stand out. Chunky bows can add a little bit of texture to your outfit to break up the plainness of plain fabric while being completely 90s in style.

Hairbows are the quintessential 90s accessory, and they’re fun to play with. The best part about wearing one is that it can add a little bit of emphasis to your outfit without making you look tasteless or over-the-top. Wearing one works especially well if you’re already rocking a messy ponytail or a punk rocker’s mohawk.

6. Miniskirts

If you’re getting tired of big, full skirts, miniskirts are the next best thing in 90s fashion. They’re very flexible and can be paired with anything from shorts to tank tops. It wouldn’t be 1990s fashion without some short skirts! Miniskirts are not only a fun way to brighten up a dull day, but they’re also super easy to show off to your friends. You can definitely keep things professional if you wear a pencil skirt, but a little bit of color goes a long way. You can go as short or as long as you’d like and they’re an excellent way to add some girly flair to your outfit.

7. Chunky Accessories

90s fashion is all about looking funky and colorful, so it only makes sense that the accessories would be the same way. If you’re in the mood for some extra bling, make sure to accessorize your outfit with a good old-fashioned jangly bracelet or two. If you’re missing any 1980s accessories, the 90s were an excellent time for chunky jewelry. It’s easy to find a ring or two that looks similar to something you would have worn during the decade, and it’ll make your outfit look more effortless, clean, and polished.

Conclusion of this article:

The 90s were definitely a very interesting time for fashion. What started as an effort to make money off of baby boomers in North America quickly spread to the rest of the world. Once the ’90s really got underway, everybody had his or her own ideas about what was cool and what wasn’t.

A lot of people will tell you that wearing ’90s fashion is not a good idea, but we can assure you that these trends are growing more popular every day.


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