A Guide to Radical Islam Meme Skateboard at Any Age.


What is radical islam meme skateboard?

Radical Islam Meme Skateboarding is a movement that was spawned out of the call to skateboard in the early 1990s. This is a form of skateboarding where individuals are using skateboards to spread radical Islam ideology, and by doing so, they are hoping to recruit new members.

This form of skateboarding has become popular amongst some Westerners who identify as Muslim. They use different designs and colors on their boards in contrast to more traditional styles with Arabic script or colors like purple or red for decoration (these are considered according to Islamic code).

Features of the board:

It is not uncommon to advertise the following on the top of the skateboard. If one looks at the underside of this style, one will see that there is a foul inscription on a lot of them. They are known as pro-Islam or Quranic statements that are set up so they can be displayed on both sides.

Many of those who have adopted this style have become radicalized and use their skateboards to influence others to join radical Islam groups or to commit violent acts in its name. So one can call it Radical Islam Meme Skateboard because it is used to spread radical ideology or rad-icals or even memetics (to allow people who view these boards to become radicalized).

Use of the board:

They are mainly used in mosques, community centers and Islamic schools. If a young person goes to the mosque or school, he can get a free skateboard if only he brings his Islamic clothing like t-shirt, skull cap or even burka. To use this board does not require any knowledge about skateboarding.

Things about skateboarding:

Any person who is familiar with the skateboarding culture knows that this is a hardcore sport where one needs experience as well as discipline to master it. So using a skateboard in the mosque and school is no easy task. Skateboarding demands technical skill as well as patience with hours of practice on the streets. It also demands strength, speed and endurance. 

The boards are quite heavy in comparison to other sports equipment and this is where you need to be mindful of the weight you are carrying so that it does not become an obstacle to your progress. The law states that all children should be given a good education before they are allowed to be exposed to radical ideas during their formative years (compulsory schooling is from 6 years of age).

Advantages of the board:

The major advantage of using this board is that it is free and a lot of parents are willing to give their children a free skateboard. These boards have also been fortified with nice grips, which make them more comfortable to handle.


Aside from the fact that they are used in mosques and schools, they do not do much good except bring more fanaticism and more radicalization. Their designs reflect the religious nature of Islam and they carry messages that are against the traditions of our country. Moreover, there has been no study done on their effects on those who use these boards because there is no market for these skateboards right now so their sales have been stopped for the time being.

Disadvantages of the board:

This type of skateboard cannot be used anywhere. It is pretty easy to recognize. They are not allowed in schools or other public buildings. They are not good for the sport in general and they glamorize the criminal aspect of skateboarding.

Global Impact:

Radical Islam Meme Skateboard has been banned in most countries around the world including Canada, Australia and Germany. The use of this skateboard has been made illegal and those who have been seen using this board have been arrested by police.

Cost of the product:

There is no price tag or any fixed cost that comes with this skateboard. This skateboard can be acquired free of cost but you may have to make some sacrifices in order to get it. But the motto of this skateboard is clear: “Conversion through Allah.”

The prices are not fixed since no one is selling these boards right now. The manufacturers are still trying to sell their products so the prices are still under negotiation. But if you want to buy these boards, you can get them for free by donating money or joining radical groups that use radical Islam Meme Skateboarding as their platform for recruiting new members.

The board itself is useless unless it is used to spread radical Islam ideology, and this makes it a very effective means of spreading radical beliefs to others who come into contact with these boards. Skateboarding has taken on many forms, but even though its origins are rooted in California, there are thousands of skateboarders all around the world who consider Canada their home.

Material used in the product:

This skateboard is made out of standard skateboard material. It is a very dense Canadian Maple, which makes it a little heavier compared to a traditional board but this also makes it more durable. It is coated in polyurethane and has high density wheels, which gives the rider better stability and control while riding.

Is this worth the money?

In the end, it’s up to the individual to decide about whether this is worth the money or not. This does not seem like a useful thing for those who are trying to spread radical Islam ideology. 


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