The best of nuclear throne weapons

Combat missiles on a launcher.

Many weapons are available in the Nuclear Throne. Let’s review some of the best of the bunch, offering a rundown of what makes them so effective.

Nuclear Throne is not your typical roguelike game. With randomly-generated levels, enemies, weapons, items, and more to make each playthrough unique, it’s no mere matter of luck that you find one of its best weapons. 

You need to know what makes them special in order to use them effectively for your next run!

Here are some best nuclear throne weapon tier list are discussed-

1. The Shotgun.

The shotgun shoots three bullets at once all at generally the same rate of fire as other guns; however, one out of these three shots will always be a ricochet shot which can bounce off walls and deal lots of damage. 

This can be extremely useful in close quarters, as well as against bosses.

While the ricochet shot is not guaranteed to happen, it does happen quite often. The shotgun is one of the most balanced weapons in the game because the normal shot will always do more damage than most other guns if you are accurate. 

Therefore, with reasonable skill, one can use the shotgun to take out foes without having to rely on its ricochet feature.

2. The Nuke Pistol.

The nuke pistol shoots a long-range projectile which explodes into plenty of smaller projectiles that do strong damage in a wide radius if it hits an enemy or wall.

The nuke pistol is somewhat difficult to use well since it requires high accuracy rather than high damage to succeed, and one will need to use it wisely in order to hit distant targets. 

However, when used well in conjunction with the ricochet shot and the shotgun, the nuke pistol can be devastating in both close and long range encounters.

3. The Super Nuke RPG.

The super nuke RPG shoots a long-range projectile which deals even more damage than that of a nuke pistol when it hits an enemy or wall. 

However, you have limited ammo for the super nuke RPG, so you cannot use it as often as you would a shotgun or a nuke pistol.

The super nuke RPG is not a very useful weapon to use for bosses or large groups of foes. 

However, if you know where to aim and how much damage your shots will do before firing them, this gun can be extremely powerful against tougher enemies and bosses.

4. The Laser Pistol.

The laser pistol shoots two fast projectiles which deal strong damage in a random area around the target rather than one single area of the target. If the pellets hit an enemy, they will bounce off walls and deal damage from there as well.

The laser pistol is fairly easy to use, but it does require excellent timing to be effective. It’s also only really effective in close range. 

However, it is possible for the laser pistol to deal more damage than even the shotgun when used right; at least when aiming at enemies that are small in size.

5. The Radiation Gun.

The radiation gun shoots several projectiles which deal damage in a large area around the point of impact (which would be the location of the enemy or wall they hit). 

The radiation gun shoots fairly quickly and can hit multiple foes in one shot if they are close together.

The radiation gun is very powerful, but it is fairly difficult to use properly. Because it deals damage in a wide area around the point of impact, it is easy to miss your target and waste your ammunition. It’s effective in close range but still risky even then if you are not careful.

6. The Parrot Gun.

The parrot gun shoots out several projectiles which circle around the player before flying straight at their enemies. 

Any foe hit by one of these projectiles will burst into feathers which act like mines do for their owner, damaging any foes that walk into them until they disappear after a short time.

The parrot gun is probably the best gun when it comes to fighting smaller enemies such as roaches and beetles. 

7. The Reticule.

The reticule shoots an explosive projectile which explodes in a wide area around the target if it hits an enemy or wall (the explosion does decent damage in a single small radius around the point of impact). 

The reticule can deal so much damage to enemies and bosses that it’s not very useful unless you know the right way to use it.

The reticule is really difficult to use effectively, and it takes a lot of practice and skill just to get good at aiming the explosive projectile that the rest of the gun shoots.


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