Character analysis of ichigo


The main protagonist of the series, Ichigo Kurosaki is born with the ability to see ghosts. He has an average day-to-day life until Rukia Kuchiki saves him from a Hollow, causing his family to learn about his special abilities. 

After the death of his mother Masaki Kurosaki, he lives in Karakura Town with two sisters who are both normal humans, Karin and Yuzu.

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He attends high school along with Orihime Inoue and Yasutora “Chad” Sado at Karakura Third High School under guidance of one of his teachers, Kisuke Urahara. 

He develops a close friendship with Orihime despite them being very different. He at first acts distant to other people, even his best friend, Chad, due to his inability to protect the people he cares about. He is not happy with his ability and resents it. 

Due to this and his power not initially awakened by Rukia, he believes he is weak and useless.

Here are some points discussed about The character of Ichigo-

1. His personality

His personality is very straightforward. He doesn’t like to speak much about his family, because he thinks his family would be more normal without him. 

However, he wishes to protect what precious things he has. Ichigo is never afraid of the future; he’s always thinking about it and puts all his efforts into it. 

He thinks carefully about what needs to be done and decides on action after careful consideration. 

He will do anything for the sake of others without any hesitation or holding back; he could sacrifice himself or even fight his own friends because that’s what needs to be done.

2. His weakness

He’s able to find the enemy faster than anyone. He’s able to know what to do based on instinct. However, he has never been faced with an opponent whose power is equal to his or who is more skillful than him.

Ichigo always thinks about his opponents’ abilities and makes plans accordingly. 

When he can’t think of anything else, he’s forced to use the Getsuga Tensho, but he hates using it because it was considered too powerful for him. 

His life changed after getting involved with Rukia, because she taught him that there are people that are even stronger than the Hollows that are still alive. As a result of this training, Ichigo becomes stronger each time they fight together.

Therefore, when Rukia wants Ichigo to use his full power when he fights her for the first time, he doesn’t use the Getsuga Tenshou and defeats her in a single blow. 

However, after she awakens her Shinigami powers and nearly kills him in battle, Ichigo realizes that Even with his powers used to their maximum potential he has no chance of beating Rukia. He learns that his friends would rather die than be saved by him and decides to stop fighting.

3. His Friends and Relationships

Ichigo’s main friends in the story are Orihime Inoue and Chad. He later meets Uryu Ishida, a Quincy and Orihime’s classmate. 

Ichigo’s relationship with Orihime is somewhat complex. He has a crush on her and wants to protect her, but he also complains about the way she is always nice to others. 

This stems from the fact that Ichigo himself isn’t very kind or gentle, but he suppresses these tendencies.

He often gets angry at her for acting the way she does because it makes him feel bad about himself. In order to avoid having these feelings, he acts cold towards her and treats her roughly in order to convince himself that nothing can ever come of their relationship because she deserves someone better than him.

4. His Abilities

Ichigo’s main abilities are his own special ability of sensing Quincy, as well as his vision. He is also able to fight with a Zanpakuto, but he has never shown this ability. 

He doesn’t have to use it since he can basically see the enemy before they hit him, but he is also more able to dodge attacks because of this ability. 

Ichigo prefers fighting without using his sword or shihakusho because he thinks that they are unnecessary and bothersome.

His father Chad had a car accident when Ichigo was still young. This resulted in Ichigo being paralyzed from the waist down after having half of his spinal cord severed by the car door hitting him on his way out.

5. His goals

Ichigo Kurosaki wishes to be a hero. He wants to protect the innocent and help people who are in need. However, because of his paralyzing injury, he is unable to become a hero.


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