The Fashion Industry: A Marketing Perspective


When you think of the fashion industry, there’s usually some sort of innate shock value that comes to mind. There are subjects like expensive clothing, designer brands, and eating disorders. This blog post will expose the inner workings of this industry though with an educational perspective compiled by Style Cluse. You’ll get information on why fashion is so appealing to consumers, what marketers are doing in order to appeal to more women (and men), and how trends work in the fashion world.

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Shoppers feel uncomfortable

Shoppers feel uncomfortable with traditional “fast-fashion” stores like Forever 21 because they don’t want their children growing up wearing dirty clothes or seeing negative messages about social class or personal identity written on their pieces. Fast-fashion stores are mainly responsible for the mass destruction of clothing that is produced with both low quality and low social awareness. Another reason fast-fashion can be bad for consumers is because it causes an unhealthy dependence on the products that are being sold in the store. 

This is a result of consumers constantly seeing new, fresh clothes in their local store and making constant purchases in order to keep up with this need. These stores make supporters feel less motivated to do anything different in order to buy fresh clothing. They also make supporters feel like they have no control over what they buy because it’s constantly being fed to them by the fast-fashion industry. This is a problem when you consider the fact that fast-fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry that is growing in both size and in revenue.

Fast-fashion stores

Marketers are in control of the fashion industry in a way that causes people to be oblivious to what they’re doing. The consumers who shop at fast-fashion stores are aware of their poor quality, but consumers don’t realize how much power they have to cause change because they’re controlled by marketers who get them addicted to buying certain products. Part of the reason why consumers get addicted is because brands continue to use persuasive marketing tactics that play into our needs and wants as people. There’s also the fact that options are always available for purchase which gives power over to the consumer. This ties in to why marketers control so many aspects of the market because that allows them to be able to create this demand for exactly what their customers want. This results in customers becoming low-quality consumers, but then when surveyed once they’re fully dependent on the brand and product, customers say their opinions of the brand and product and how it’s impacting their lives aren’t really that bad.

Marketers are using social media in an effort to make people more susceptible to becoming consumers of all things fast fashion. This is because social media creates an environment where shoppers can live vicariously through their favorite influencers. This results in shoppers being more likely to want the products that influencers are using. This ultimately ends up being pretty bad news for the fashion industry because it’s increasing the demand for fast-fashion products at an unsustainable rate.

Trends are crucial to the fashion industry

Trends are how marketers keep consumers interested in what they’re selling to them. Trends work by creating a desire for something that never existed before. But then once it’s discovered, people are hooked into wanting whatever that thing is forever more. Trends are crucial to the fashion industry because they make people want to buy new styles and trends continue to grow because of the options available at fast-fashion stores. Trends cause people to alter their purchasing habits and personal style as they constantly want what’s new and needed at this time.

Marketers use celebrities as their main means of advertisement. Celebrities are used to promote products because celebrities use social media and websites that spread the word about their products very quickly which increases the demand for them. This is a problem because it’s causing fast-fashion brands to rely on celebrities and big brands like Nike and Adidas instead of creating original ideas themselves. Celebrities draw in consumers who don’t usually shop at the fast-fashion stores. So this niche market makes up a lot of the profit for these companies. Celebrities also tend to cause shoppers to want their product because they’re seen wearing the product on television.

Bad quality for consumers

The fashion industry has taken off so fast because of marketing, which allows it to be so dependent on the money companies are making. This leads to bad quality for consumers. Because companies won’t change their business tactics so that they can meet the needs of their customers better. The fashion industry is making people feel like they can’t afford new styles and trends they see in magazines, but at the same time, consumers don’t want to lower their standards either. This results in an environment where consumers are always unsure of what is good or what’s bad even though there are lots of choices available.


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