A Business Style Guide For Diverse Communities


Diverse communities are becoming increasingly common in the United States, and this trend is showing no signs of slowing down. A society that includes people from different backgrounds will need to be looked at by businesses in a new way. A Business Style Guide For Diverse Communities has been created to help bridge this gap between companies and their customers. These fashion news tips can also be applied to other types of diverse communities as well.

A diversity style guide can be used by all types of businesses, not just large corporations with high budgets. Any small company can create an internal website or handbook for their employees using the information provided here. Many larger companies may already have this kind of material available online or through multiple resources. Although these tips will most likely be carried out by a team of writers and designers, the A Business Style Guide For Diverse Communities can still be used as an outline for those who wish to make their own style guide from scratch.

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Create a diversity style guide

The first step in creating a diversity style guide is understanding what makes up each type of diverse community out there. A company should begin with research on communities that are similar to theirs. They may want to focus on just one group initially if this is their first time making a diversity style guide. Understanding these groups will allow you to create language that fits within the context of your audience. It leads us into our next point!

What is a diverse community

A diverse community is defined as any group of people who are different from each other in some way. A business that wishes to serve a diverse market should create language and content that appeals to them all, not just segments. A company may incorrectly assume their audience wants the same things. Because they look alike or come from the same area, but this couldn’t be further than the truth! A diversity style guide will help you shape your message so it has universal appeal.

Business writing

Business writing isn’t only about the words on paper. It is also about representing your company in a way that speaks to all of its stakeholders including customers and employees from different backgrounds. Your business needs not just an updated brand guidelines. But a solid understanding of how language impacts people who are unlike you. Because they might have very different experiences based on their race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status or any other factor. It can be easy to think “well I don’t know much about these communities. So why should my content target them?” But by thinking this way, you could actually be doing more harm than good by excluding potential buyers.

Find the right tone

A diversity style guide is a great tool to help you find the right tone when it comes to writing for customers unlike yourself. A Business Style Guide For Diverse Communities helps companies understand that being inclusive does not mean sacrificing your brand. Or watering down important aspects of who you are as an organization in favor of appealing more widely.

Creating marketing materials

A must-read if you are involved in creating marketing materials intended for use by public audiences with disabilities or older adults, including staff at healthcare facilities who communicate with patients/residents/customers whose first language isn’t English; teachers communicating with parents about students’ learning challenges; HR personnel working on diversity initiatives; looking into reaching multicultural markets (Spanish, for example) and anyone in a marketing role.

A useful resource for any business wanting to provide better content that speaks directly to the unique needs of their diverse audience. A great way for businesses, groups or organizations to learn how they can benefit from providing more accessible and inclusive communications. This style guide is a very helpful reference tool to ensure your message reaches as many people as possible using language that everyone understands.


There are many reasons why it’s important to have a diverse team in your workplace. But another is that everyone brings different life experiences to the table and needs to be heard when writing content for websites or documents. A diversity of voices will make sure you don’t miss any key perspectives on an issue and ensure what you produce is accessible and understandable for all communities. Not just those with similar backgrounds as people already working at your company. A business style guide helps keep these considerations front-of-mind while creating written materials. Here we provide some examples from our own work, along with ideas about how to apply them to your own business.


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