The Nauseating Truth About Sensenig’s Furniture Website.


What is sensenig’s furniture website?

Some may say it’s a furniture website where you can buy furniture of all shapes and sizes, but is it really? After some research, I’ve come to the following conclusions: Sensenig’s Furniture Website does not actually sell any furniture themselves. They just list a bunch of websites that sell their products for them. Why would anyone be interested in that?

The company is owned by Larry Sensenig , who had no idea what he was doing when he made this site. He hired his friend Jeremy to make the website, while he went fishing on his boat with Ted (probably).

Where can I buy it from?

You can buy from any of the listed sellers, they may or may not have just made that particular picture. For example, the seller “furniture wall” showed a picture of an outdoor patio set , but their actual product catalog has furniture with indoor settings.

What is it?

A furniture site that lists websites owned by Larry Sensenig as the manufacturers. You can choose to buy only from those listed sites and pay through Paypal or through our “buy button”, but you probably won’t be able to touch the furniture because it’s all in someone else’s basement. Basically a poor man version of

Why is he doing this?

For all I know, he can’t stand being disturbed while he’s fishing and wants to force the buyers to come down to his cabin and see the furniture personally. Maybe he was hoping that those Pawn Stars would boost his sales. (I don’t watch Pawn Stars ). Maybe he just wants people to buy from his site so that they won’t buy from the many other sites that sell similar stuff.

What can I do to stop him?

I mean, it really isn’t hurting anything, you can still buy from each site and just make sure you have a valid return policy in case it gets damaged or something. If you don’t want to buy from these sites, the shop around for another site (like amazon).

Is he making a profit from this?

Well…no. He’s just collecting his advertising fee from each of the individual sellers. If you think about it, he probably just built this site for some extra fun time after work. Maybe during the weekends when he doesn’t have any plans.

This site is a satire, meant to make fun of peoples’ frustrations and fears with online shopping. While the site owner has never made any money from this website, he is making money in other areas of his life. He maintains the site in his spare time and publicizes it by word of mouth only. Please do not submit this article as fact to other websites or facebook accounts without permission (from the website owner). Thank you for your cooperation.

Are there any advantages?

You can save money by buying together with a group of people, because there are special deals with the sellers. If you see that some seller is selling something cheaper than the others, then you should probably buy from that person. If you have any questions about this site, please contact me at [email protected] . Thank you for your interest in Sensenig’s Furniture Website!

Maybe it’s just a website full of links to other furniture websites. Maybe you could go over to Larry Sensenig’s personal website and complain about how you’re angry that this site doesn’t have a return policy and how you’re frustrated with the other sites which are similar in appearance and quality to this one. If he gets enough complaints, he might change his mind about the site. It’s worth a shot, but don’t expect him to change for your sake. He cares about himself more than he does about you or me.

What are the disadvantages?

It is difficult to choose from many of the products, since so many of them look the same. All of the site owners have been instructed to have unique products, but I’m not sure if they are able to comply with the request. If you’re looking for a specific item at a specific price, then you should probably shop around elsewhere. The only way to be sure that you get what you pay for is if you go in person and take a look at it. It might be too much trouble for some people.

Some more facts about it:

If you notice any factual errors in this article, please inform the site owner so that he can correct them. This article is meant to be a satirical view of online shopping and not a factual list of the advantages and disadvantages of Sensenig’s Furniture Website. There is an abundance of information about Sensenig’s Furniture website. This website is full of informative articles about what you can expect from Sensenig’s Furniture website. They may include articles about how you could get free shipping from the site, or how many different types of furniture there are on the site. Or maybe even how you could save money by shopping with multiple people at once.


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