The Rise of DJ


With the ever-changing world of music, it’s no wonder that DJs are becoming celebrities in their own right. The most popular DJs spend years perfecting their craft and constantly keep up with the newest EDM tracks that release every day on SoundCloud, YouTube, and other music platforms.

In this post, we’ll be discussing how DJs operate and why they are becoming so prevalent in a world where people don’t even listen to albums! With our tips on how to become a DJ (despite what some may say), you’ll be able to redeem yourself once again as “that person who knows all about music”. So excuse us while we work on going viral…dj equipment for sale on craigslist.

1. A little history behind the rise of the DJ

Although the concept of music and how it is played may seem like a new idea, it is actually fairly old. In fact, many ancient cultures used instruments and played for their gods! The first true “DJs” appeared in the 60s with the invention of vinyl records. They would perform at parties by scratching records together or by mixing them. These people were called Disc Jockeys. Fast forward to today, and DJs are just as common as Radio DJs or Top 40 music (depending on your age). Although many have been around since the beginning of time, they have only recently become popularized due to EDM (Electronic Dance Music) or rave culture. There are DJs who play trance and house parties, there are hip-hop DJs and DJs that play obscure genres like the cowboys who played old country music. They all specialize in one genre or another, but I think you get the idea.

2. How do they communicate with each other?

Most seasoned DJs will have an extensive toolset at their disposal that includes:

– Scratch cards (lists of different songs to choose from) – Playlists (similar to Top 40 songs) – Playlists from other DJs

If a DJ wants to play a song that isn’t on their playlist, all they need to do is ask for it!

3. Do they have any special skills?

If you’ve ever wondered why DJs seem to know exactly what song will fit in a certain situation, it’s because of preparation. A DJ must listen to hundreds of songs in order to be able to create a playlist for a crowd. For example, a wedding DJ should listen to happy songs and slower music before the wedding starts and upbeat dance songs once it has started. They are also required to memorize long playlists so that they can mix them together while keeping smooth transitions between songs according to the mood of the day. Most DJs nowadays use laptops at parties or clubs, but there are still some out there that use CDs or even vinyls that are played on traditional turntables.

4. Why are they so important to the music industry?

What’s that expression? If the DJ isn’t there, who will play the songs? Well, DJs are responsible for giving a crowd of people a soundtrack that they can dance to while having fun in their free time. Without them, you’d have to ring in a DJ agency and pay them thousands of dollars just to be able to listen to popular songs.

5. How many DJs do we have now?

Just like any other industry, there are more and more DJ gigs available on various sites and app platforms like Snapgram (free). On Snapgram, you can post your music and have others listen to your tracks. Other people who are in the industry can find your work and book a gig! It’s a great way of getting recognized by reputable resellers while making money in the process. Think of it as the next generation SoundCloud that actually pays its users! If you’re into EDM, then you will love Snapgram because we host some of the biggest DJs out there right now!

The entertainment industry has been revolutionized many times already by various artists and personalities. We saw how radio DJs became famous for playing popular music for everyone to hear (and be inspired).

6. What other DJ-related careers are there?

There are tons of DJ positions available that range from online radio DJs to weddings (those who play music for just a few hours) all the way up to radio show hosts and even managing DJs.

We cut out the DJ part of this article, but if you really want to learn about how this career works, then read below!

7. What about the future of the DJ?

As technology continues to advance and musical tastes change, it’s hard to believe that a few decades ago, people listened to “old” music at parties and then laughed at how “silly” it was. Nowadays, albums have been replaced by libraries of playlists that contain all the latest hits. So who’s to say that the DJ isn’t the future of music?

They are a necessary component in any party production company or event planning company because they ensure that the “feel” or “mood” of any party is kept intact throughout. You can rest assured that every song you hear was carefully selected by a professional who will know how to get your feet moving and heart pumping. If anything, you should be thankful for DJs because they are a crucial part of any modern society!


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