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What is Lampasas Breaking News?

Lampasas Breaking News is a locally owned, small-town news site committed to delivering the most up-to-date and accurate coverage of Lampasas and gaining your trust. We’re not perfect, but we try our best to provide you with what you want: local headlines in a city that cares about its people.

So whether it’s breaking news or sports scores from the boys basketball game, Lampasas Breaking News will give you all of that and more! You’ll be able to read about the latest happenings for your family members, friends, and co workers by subscribing here.


Lampasas Breaking News is to be used for general news about Lampasas and surrounding areas, local sports scores, and anything else you see fit. We do not allow usage of Lampasas Breaking News content for libelous or defamatory purposes.


Lampasas Breaking News is NOT to be copied verbatim. This content is meant to be used as background information and should be written as such. If you would like to use the news feed on your site/online publication, please contact us at [email protected] so we can work out the details. Lampasas Breaking News retains the right to deny usage requests, as we will always respect our subscribers.


Lampasas Breaking News gamifies local news by allowing you to earn points based on your activity (likes and shares). Your points will signify your status within the Lampasas Breaking News community. Flip through your feed to see if you can find yourself! Are you #1? If so, share with everyone how you got it done!


Lampasas Breaking News allows users to sign up for specific locations. Users of Lampasas Breaking News can specify their home town/city, college town/city, or favorite place in Texas where they enjoy spending time.


Our news feed is made up of several contributing communities from around the Lampasas area. We are currently working towards a full-on news site, but for now we have individual sites for each of our city’s schools (Air Force, MacArthur High School, Bellaire High School, and Lampasas High School). If you’d like to see your news feed on the front page, please email us at [email protected] and let us know! We are also working on adding a Page 2 feature to our site where we can horde stories that haven’t seen the light of day.

If you’re interested in contributing to our site, you can sign up for a city here. In the near future, we will also be adding a section to where anyone interested in writing or submitting photos/video can do so, and will be published on their respective pages (i.e. Lampasas, Bellaire, Bellmead).


Johnathan Aguilar ([email protected]) is the founder of Lampasas Breaking News and has been writing for the site for about two years. He was a contributing writer for Lampasas High School, who currently still publishes his work in their monthly school newspaper (The Panther). Johnathan is also an active member of the community, who works with younger adults to help them succeed in high school, college, and beyond.


By advertising with Lampasas Breaking News, you’ll have a chance to reach thousands of visitors in the Lampasas and surrounding areas (our site is already being viewed by hundreds of people from all over the world every day). This includes anyone who is looking for Lampasas news and sports scores, as well as those searching for local businesses, like yours.

This will include:

The ability to display banners on and affiliated sites (Lampasas High School, Bellaire High School, etc.) throughout our network. Email blasts for your business/industry. Featured placement on and affiliated sites (Lampasas High School, Bellaire High School, etc.)


Our goal is to have a city-specific page or site for each city in the Lampasas area and surrounding cities. For example, we have a Lampasas News page that aggregates and publishes news from across the city. We also have pages with content specific to different schools. We are constantly working towards covering as much territory as possible! If you would like to see your page added to our network, please email us at [email protected].

Submission Requirements:

We have a few basic requirements for article submissions (assuming you are new to our site, as we will not consider articles that have been written before being submitted to us). The following must be included in each submission:

News Headline – make it catchy! News Body – at least three paragraphs, with support from a minimum of two sources. Title should match news body, and can be up to 70 characters. If you are submitting a photo/video file, please provide the caption citation in the caption. Contact Info – which includes name and email address for the actual writer. Any other content that we deem inappropriate at our discretion will not be accepted and may result in a termination of your account on We aim to provide the Lampasas area with the most up-to-date news, while at the same time giving you what you want: local news in Lampasas!


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