Enjoy Deliciously Rejuvenating Kratom Tea with These Recipes!

Kratom Tea

Making a steaming hot cup of Kratom tea is the best way to consume this medicinal herb. You can buy your choice of Kratom powder compound and use it to prepare a cup of rejuvenating beverage! Kratom tea tastes quite like green tea. You can enjoy it at any time of the day.  

When preparing Kratom tea, you should avoid boiling it too much. Kratom is rich in alkaloids and when boiling, these compounds break down. This reduces the medicinal properties of the herb. The best way to prepare a cup full of medicinal goodness is to steep the tea in hot water. If you are consuming Kratom for mood uplifting, relishing a cup of hot Kratom tea will certainly leave you rejuvenated. 

How does Kratom Tea Taste?

Kratom powder is bitter. If you prepare a tea with a high concentration of leaves and less volume of water per dose, the concoction can be extremely unpalatable to taste. In order to dilute your tea and make it drinkable, you need to add one to about three cups of water to your tea. If it still remains undrinkable, you can try one of these recipes for variation in your tea concoction. 

  • Kratom tea with Apple Cider Vinegar:  Take a kettle and boil some water in it. Now, you need to add apple cider vinegar and turn off the heat immediately. To this mixture, add about 5gms of Kratom powder and allow it to steep for about 20 mins. Now you need to add some baking soda to this mixture for countering the acidity. Once done, strain the mixture and your tea is ready. Make sure you give your tea a good stir after every sip. If you like your tea sweet, you can add some sugar or honey to this mix for sweetness. Prefer honey for natural sweetness. 
  • Kratom tea with Lemon or Lime: Put Kratom leaves or powder and add lemon juice and apple cider vinegar to the kettle or pot. Soak the mix for 15 to 20 minutes. Now, add some water to this mix and simmer for a good 20 minutes again. Once simmering is done, steep for another 20 minutes. By doing this, the entire concentration of alkaloids will be leached into the liquid. Now sweeten this potion with a generous dose of honey. Filter in a pot and store in an airtight container. Refrigerate overnight. This can prove to be a cool refreshing drink on a hot day. 

When you buy leaves from a shop selling “Kratom near me”, make sure you choose a powder with great flavor! This will add more punch to the tea! Green Malay Kratom could be a great option to consider. You can pick it up from a shop selling Kratom in New Hampshire. Kratom tea is beneficial because it gets quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. When you brew tea, you have already extracted alkaloids and your body does not have to put in any extra effort for pulling them out. Besides, it tastes a great deal better than consuming Kratom pastes or a mix of Kratom leaves powder in water.


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