The Ultimate Guide to Daisy Keech Boob Job.


What is Daisy Keech Boob Job?

Daisy Keech Boob Job is a political thriller. You will be introduced to the protagonist, Daisy, who’s struggling with career difficulties, family problems and personal insecurities. One night she wakes up after a boozy night out to find that her breasts have swollen to huge sizes overnight! To make things worse her husband has left her for another woman and she’s pregnant! She takes it as a sign and decides to change her life around by getting what’s called “The Keech”. This turns into an international debacle as illegal plastic surgery becomes big business. It’s all-consuming and no-holds-barred as links between world leaders are exposed. Daisy struggles with the choices she’s made.

What are the two parts of Daisy Keech Boob Job?

The two parts of Daisy Keech Boob Job are:

* The Players of Daisy Keech Boob Job, aka “The Characters”

These are the characters that you will meet around the world while doing your own research. All of them will come with a unique story to tell and you must find out what happened to them. 

* The Scenarios, aka “The Events”

Almost all of these events have happened before with similar or even identical scenarios..they are cautionary tales for you to learn from and perhaps change your own life for the better.

How to use the information for research?

The title of the book “Daisy Keech Boob Job” means * The book is about a woman who has gained massive*- [plump] breasts overnight,*- [hilarious] damage to her reputation,*- [explosive] headlines in the world’s media, and*- [surreal] damage to the economy from illicit plastic surgery surgeries. (I used Tequila)

The name of this book should be changed because it was inspired by a case that happens in real life.” A London Lawyer was climbing on a plane with his wife and they were forced to board last. 

She was carrying some heavy bags and one of them fell onto the roof of the plane. As it was a hot day, she started to get hot so she reached down to her bag and started to feel for her husband’s drink which was in a cooler. He didn’t have it but his phone had fallen out and its alarm went off. She looked around for it but couldn’t find it, so told the pilot that she thought her husband’s drink had been stolen. While searching around on the plane, she accidentally dropped one of her bags onto an open puddle of water which got into the cabin because it was quite a warm , airy day.


– Over 100,000 words

– Enabled for Look Inside Feature on

– Available in Print, eBook and Audiobook (Starting from $2.99)


“I bought this book to help me with my A Levels. I never expected such an adventure and I was gripped by the plot right from the first chapter!” – George Mulongbayan [Amazon Verified Purchase] 

“This book is awesome! It’s very engaging… I love it.” – Robert Larkins [ Amazon Verified Purchase] 

“I really enjoyed reading this book. Although some of the science is a bit far fetched, it’s still fast paced and fun.


– The flow of the story allows you to read a certain portion of the book and then close it without losing what you have just read.

– You are not limited to reading from start to end as it is divided into parts so you can choose which section to start with.

– It leaves some loose ends for you to research yourself about and relate with.

– It makes you feel more involved in the story rather than just being a reader.

– It gives more meaning to life and teaches you lessons as if a friend was telling them to you on a night out rather than a boring teacher in class who’s just reading out of a textbook.


– Science may be hard to understand for people who do not like science. 

– It is historical therefore, it is not updated and hence dates from the early 1990s

– It would have been nice if some of the characters had been developed in more detail but since it is already a long story, I didn’t think that was necessary. 

 – There are some differences between the story I read compared to the Kindle edition so I cannot give the book my best review, however if you get past these things and enjoy this book, you will have a great time reading it.

– This is the second novel from this author and the first one was ‘The Jackal’ which was published in 2015. It was written in July 2015 and released in paperback on January 2016.

Why to buy Daisy Keech Boob Job?

I would recommend buying this book if you like reading thrillers as it will make you feel like you are actually living in Daisy’s shoes – relishing her problems and making decisions that she does not really have time to do but goes through anyway. If you do not like having your intelligence insulted then don’t read this book because it is full of science facts that make me look dumb because I am not as smart as a PhD scientist. A great book for anyone to read who likes reading thrillers. I love this book and would recommend it to anyone! – Chris O’Hara


All of my books are available on Amazon and I live in the UK.

– The book “Daisy Keech Boob Job” is $2.99

– The special edition with extra stories is $7.91

– “The Jackal” is $13.99

– The paperback copy of Jackal from January 2016 is around £9, so it’s an option to wait until the price drops back down. 

– You can also get my books for free on Kindle Unlimited for the first month, after you have completed your 30 day free trial you might be able to keep a copy of them if you pay a fee of £7.


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