Trophy Hunting : A Common Controversial Issue Among People


A common controversial issue among people is trophy hunting. Regardless of the different views, many often take part in this practice and even enjoy it. One of the main reasons for both their participation and enjoyment is the thrill that goes with killing a living creature, taking its body parts as trophies, and boasting about it to others. In some cases, most notably those of certain cultures like some African tribes for Alabama rut map 2021, trophy hunting is used as a way to catch meat for families or communities in desperate need of food.

Despite all these negative sides that come with trophy hunting on another species’ population or animal conservationists’ protests against this practice, there are still hunters who indulge in it and take pleasure from doing so whether by legal means or not.

1. Trophy Hunting

Trophy hunting involves killing a wild animal for sport rather than for food and other practical reasons. Although the sport of hunting is by no means a new one, trophy hunting came about just about 100 years ago. Trophy hunters are those who have the privilege to kill an animal of their choice in order to make it into a trophy which can then be displayed either at home or in some cases sold at auctions. The reason behind this practice is usually because a hunter feels that the animal that he has killed deserves to be put on display as a form of commemoration or tribute.

The hunter often kills an animal that is larger than what his family can eat so he can save it as a potential source of meat in the future. Although it is illegal in most countries, those who do not abide by the law are often not taken seriously by governments.

Other times, trophy hunting can also be used to feed families with some of the meat being sold at a higher price afterward. As this is an issue that has been debated on in history and continues to be a topic of discussion even today, no definite answers have been given as of yet.

2. Reasons for Trophy Hunting

Since the origins of trophy hunting are debatable, opinions concerning the positives and negatives of this sport have been shared. Some researchers believe that it is not a good practice to kill animals even if it is for sport or for food, especially if the species is at risk of becoming extinct due to over-hunting or other factors. However, some hunters state that trophy hunting is an essential component in animal conservation. One example of this includes farmers who use it as a means of controlling predators that cause harm to their livestock. Although these reasons may seem like they can justify the practice of trophy hunting, there are many more reasons why people indulge in this controversial practice. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), some of these reasons include:

• To preserve a species

• To maintain a species’ geographical distribution range and habitat

• To obtain specimens for scientific research

• To obtain specimens for display in zoos or museums.

Another reason is that legal trophy hunting can actually provide revenue for local authorities and communities. Not only can this practice be used to help maintain animal populations, it is also useful when it comes to preserving habitats. In addition, there are more reasons as to why trophy hunting should be allowed in some areas of the world even if it is not in others.

However, all of these reasons come with a cost, especially when it comes to the lives of several animals. Because many animals are being killed for trophies and for other reasons, such as for sport or food, this has caused both wildlife authorities and advocates to try to put them on a stop.

3. Controversy

Although trophy hunting is not a new issue that has been debated on since ancient times, there are still people who take part in it today whether it is legal or not (Browne & Wrangham, 2010). As most would do, they fly overseas to Africa and perhaps other places in Asia in order to kill large animals such as elephants and rhinoceroses. This practice has raised many concerns from animal rights advocates and conservationists.

One of their main arguments is that it should be illegal for such people to cross over into another country, shoot down an animal, and then take away its body parts in order to hang them on the walls of their homes or living spaces. They also argue that killing a wild animal for sport will ultimately have negative effects on its population which can lead to the extinction of that species.

Another concern is whether or not trophy hunting can help maintain a healthy and sustainable population growth. Some hunters claim that it does but most evidence shows otherwise (Browne & Wrangham, 2010). For instance, the IUCN cited that trophy hunting is actually linked to a decline in animal population due to poaching and numerous other factors.

Another reason why these people partake in the practice of killing wildlife for trophies is because they can sell them at auctions which greatly increases their income. Some also believe that they can derive satisfaction from displaying parts of a larger animal as a collection at home or some other place. Another reason is that animals are often avoided by authorities so people have to find their own means to obtain meat and other food for the family.


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