Things You Should Know About Decatur Illinois Wedding Photography


Decatur Illinois wedding photography is a service that typically takes place in a location that lends itself to an intimate nature of the event. A good example of such a setting would be the inside of an old chapel or church. Another option might be found in an outdoor garden, or possibly even at home. Decatur Illinois wedding photography is a type of photography that is unlike any other and should be treated as such. Decatur illinois wedding photography is a highly specialized form of art. Some professional photographers have been known to spend years honing their skills until they are comfortable with the nature of their profession. 

To be a good Decatur, Illinois wedding photographer, you’ll need more than just a simple understanding of the technical aspects of your trade. You’ll also need to understand the emotions brought out by such events in order to capture them properly on film. Decatur Illinois wedding photography is also about being able to organize yourself for the sake of getting everything done in an orderly fashion so that you do not miss out on even one moment.

Things You Should Know About Decatur Illinois Wedding Photography :

1. Be sure to arrive early. 

Depending on the type of Decatur Illinois wedding photography you elect to pursue, there are some people who will require your services for a period of time before the actual official wedding ceremony. It is imperative that you do not miss out on these important moments in order to capture other images at a later time.

Other professional pioneers have been known to show up as early as an hour or more before the event itself takes place just so they can be certain they don’t miss out on anything. Some professional photographers opt to make themselves readily available in case something interesting should occur.

2. Do not ask for compensation at the beginning of the function. 

If you are going to be the recipient of tips, then you’ll want to make sure they are given out at the reception itself by your clients, not on a per-image basis beforehand. Doing so could make you seem as if you are taking advantage of people and their emotions at a time when they are feeling vulnerable and less likely to say no. In addition, it is an insult to those who do decide to tip as they will feel that their generosity is forcing them into doing something that they do not want to do in order to still have their money’s worth in prints.

3. Use your professional contacts. 

Decatur Illinois wedding photography may seem like a simple affair, but there are many elements to it that you as a photographer can take advantage of in order to give your images more impact. One such benefit is the use of professional models who specialize in the art of acting. This can work twofold; not only will it give your images added depth, but you’ll also be able to save yourself a lot of time by not having to find willing participants. In addition, models are usually more than willing to do what is necessary within their means in order to help a photographer get the perfect shot.

4. Know when and where to stand.

There are some people who will want to be able to observe what you are doing, while others may want your assistance. It’s important that you know how best to handle yourself depending on the situation.

5. Always save the best for last. 

There is no point in your rushing things in order to get the main wedding party out of there as soon as possible. Rather, it is advisable that you schedule them for last so that you can make sure everything else gets done first and in a timely fashion so that you don’t miss out on anything during the process. This will make your clients feel more comfortable, and they won’t mind sitting around a little longer if they know that their photograph is the last one you are going to take. It’s easier to ask for a few more minutes of extra time than it is to try and catch up later when you’ve already established a certain amount of trust with your clients.

6. Be sure to ask permission before taking pictures of anyone else. 

As a Decatur, Illinois wedding photographer, it is important that you know how much someone you are photographing will be willing to have their picture taken. If you don’t ask them first, then there is no guarantee that they will give their consent. Being hesitant in asking can even cause someone to feel as if they are being exploited and this will only serve to lower your reputation as a professional and ruin the image you have built for yourself with your clients in the past.


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