Tips To Avoid Failure In Achieving 1 Crore


A lot of people are fascinated by the fact that the Indian film industry is consistently earning huge profits in spite of being one of the cheapest. In reality, it’s been well documented how India has made it big with its successful South segment and low-budget movies. But even as India gradually leverages on its low budget movies and a competitive South segment, it still has a long way to go in terms of completing a 1 crore film within 100 days. Some technical rigor would help make this vision possible. 1 crore zero may sound like a joke but it’s just not funny.

So what’s the solution for achieving 1 crore? Most people will tell you that a lot would depend on the kind of content you shoot and the strategy you’ve decided to execute. But for me, there’s one very important factor that makes it impossible: insufficient numbers of people working on the project together. This means that a small group of people will be given the responsibility of executing a film that is worth 1 crore. Very few people are usually willing to join an “impossible” cause. So what should you do if your dream is to make a 1 crore film? Here are some hints that you should consider:

Tips To Avoid Failure In Achieving 1 Crore :

1) Work only with family and friends. 

This way, you can use your regular crew and you can even decide to work on the project in your spare time. Communicate with each other and stick together like glue! It’s important to know what to expect from them because they’ll have the greatest impact in making or breaking the unit’s morale. If you have teamwork going on, you’ll definitely be able to steer the project to the right direction.

2) Prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

Although this sounds like a good idea, it’s not very efficient because it means that no one will take any initiative while working on a project because they don’t think they’ll be needed. So it would probably mean that no one gets credit for an idea or anything he’s doing in the filming process. For 1 crore film, people have to take initiative to make things happen, so what you’re saying is: “I don’t care about creating my own work or doing anything for which I will get credit!” This may not be the right attitude right before making a 1 crore film.

3) Understand the scope of the film.

It’s very important to understand the scope of your 1 crore film. For example, if you’re planning to use 1 to 2 actors and special effects that require an entry ticket of 200 rupees, then you’re making a comedy with a small budget for a limited audience. This means that it’s not going to be worth 1 crore. Will you be able to promote it with the same budget? If yes, go ahead. If not, don’t expect this film to ever earn anything more than 1 lakh rupees because it won’t appeal to a large audience.

4) Don’t rely on other people’s money.

If you’re planning to rely on people’s money and donations, then you must be prepared to take the risk of making a 1 crore film with little or no budget. If no one is willing to donate money, then you have to stick to your small budget and use it wisely. You’ll have to rely on sponsors instead. As much as possible, avoid lending money even if you have it because there would be conditions attached when they get back their “money”. So it’s better not to borrow unless absolutely necessary.

5) Plan well and prepare thoroughly.

So this is a general idea of what you have to do to make your 1 crore film with no budget. I hope this will help you in making your 18 crore plan so that you don’t have to worry much about the final budget ₹1 Crore. But if you still don’t know how to make it, then follow the tips I’ve given you and even videos on YouTube, because that’s the only way you’ll figure out how to make it happen.

Conclusion :

The Indian film industry is not just a passing fad and has established itself as the hype on which the world looks in awe. The difference between the past and now is that India has come a long way earning money through Bollywood movies. It’s a very good thing to watch these movies because they make us feel happy, sad or even laugh our hearts out. 

However, there are also other movies that are depressing, tone deaf and boring to watch. Some of them have been produced with no budget at all, due to which there was no content either to make it worth watching or not worth watching at all.


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