What is the 12th order of business of an ibew meeting?


What is the 12th order of business of an ibew meeting?

What is the 12th order of business of an ibew meeting? is a question asked of every IBEW meeting. It is the answer to this question that keeps the official business of an ibew meeting from being drawn out. The answer to this question is so shrouded in mystery it has never been publicly revealed. There are some who say it is all about having a parade for the injured, rejoicing when the IBU Trust Fund reaches a million dollars, and others who have heard that each member must recite his or her family history. 

So what is the 12th order of business? 

For years, nobody knew and nobody cared until they got too bored not knowing to bother asking again. It was not until David A. Schultz asked the question during his campaign for District 8 Director that the answer was discovered. The 12th order of business at an ibew meeting is to finish discussing social activities and if there are no further items for discussion, recess for dinner and reconvene to discuss events and activities, then adjourn. This new information has created a wave of controversy as some members protest this as a breach of tradition and change of the order of business, while others argue that it’s about time somebody found out what it is. At this rate, it is expected that the answer will be changed once again.

What is the use of it? What happens if this order is skipped? 

They just discuss about the different social events and activities that are going to be held.  It’s because they’re having dinner after recess, so they would order dinner before anything else and then go back to work after dinner. Nothing happens, but there will be controversy in your area, as some members have their own order of business. If you don’t have an order of business, then you just have a meeting.

How is this related to the IUB? 

The IBEW is a big union and there are lots of members who are active in their field. There are around 300,000 members in the United States, so they would like to have some activities after a hard day at work. The IBEW will host social events and plan on what’s going to happen next year, which is why they need an order of business. This can help them if they plan on what they’re going to be doing next year. If it’s not done correctly, then it could become chaos. The ibew will make sure that their members know what’s going on when social events and activities are held. The 12th order of business is also very useful, as it helps the members who are running for office to do their research. The order of business will help them think clearly about what they’re going to do for the rest of the day, as it will be a big part about how smoothly the event will run.

Is this announcement broadcast on WFAA-TV? 

Yes. But the announcement is not made on air; it’s usually in a separate announcement and mostly an advertisement that’s attached to another television show. It’ll say things like: “The ibew did their 12th order of business and they’re having dinner.”  This also includes announcements that are on cable TV. It’ll say things like: “The ibew did their 12th order of business and they’re having dinner.” 

What happens if the announcement is not made correctly? 

If they make an announcement without announcing it, then the IBU Trust Fund becomes very confused. They might be depressed that they didn’t know what their order of business was. It’s better to have a social event than no event at all. The entire organization is extremely important. It’s a tradition that’s been passed on for many years and everyone wants to keep it going. If ibew members do not know what’s going on during their meeting, then they’re not getting along with each other.

What does this mean for the future? 

The ibew is changing and doing new things that are a part of their traditions. The 12th order of business will be greatly expanded so that everyone can have an idea what they’re going to be doing in the future. It’s important to always keep the ibew alive, so they can have these social events and activities. If it’s not done well, then you could ruin your organization’s reputation, as some members might look at you funny or think that it was not necessary to have social activities in your meeting. But, it’s very important to keep these traditions alive, as they’re an important part of who the ibew is.

What are the benefits?

-It allows the ibew to do their social activities.

-The ibew can know what’s going on.

-They can plan for the future.

-They can also organize their meetings well.

-It helps them succeed in elections.

-The 12th order of business is not done quickly, as it takes time to finish researching it and find out what they’re doing next year. 


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