Treatment With CBD Oil For Dogs


Vets are always looking for new ways to treat animals. They’re doctors, and they always want to take the scientific route. That’s why when CBD entered the pet market, veterinarians were skeptical. There weren’t any clinical studies and giving untested medications to animals could have dangerous results. 

However, pet owners took things into their own hands and started to give a bit of their CBD oil to their dogs and cats. Surprisingly, there were no negative effects, and the results were always positive. This troubled scientists, and they immediately started researching the effect of cannabidiol on mammals such as cats and dogs. Click here to read more. 

These molecules are found naturally in cannabis plants. This could be either marijuana or hemp. Most people don’t see a difference between these two plants, and the differences are not visible to the naked and untrained eye. 

First, most people associate marijuana with drug users and teenagers smoking and laughing in parking lots. That’s the plant that has a high concentration of THC, which is a cannabinoid that influences the brain. On the other hand, hemp is completely different. 

The concentration of THC is less than 0.3 percent, and it doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. Additionally, hemp has a high concentration of cannabidiol, which is a miracle drug at the moment. All of the data from research points that it’s going to help fight arthritis, cancer, anxiety, and it also serves as a pain reliever. 

This combination is unheard of in the field of medicine. That’s why so many new products are hitting the shelves and are getting advertised as miracle cures. When it comes to dogs, using cannabidiol could be a natural method to treat diseases. 

Before you do anything, you need to know that all of the products that are being sold online have not been approved by the FDA. This means that you’re going to need to do your own research before adding the products to your pet’s diet. Let’s get into the potential dangers and benefits.  

What do vets think about cannabidiol? 

One of the best things about the internet is that you can get a poll to a lot of different people quickly. The VIN News Service did a survey that involved more than 2000 veterinarians regarding CBD oils. More than 65 percent of them replied that they get asked about these kinds of products at least once a week. Follow this link for more info 

The problem here is that they’re not eager to talk about it in all states. Depending on the jurisdiction, the doctors might tell you different information. In some states, consuming CBD is completely legal. In others, it’s not. If they recommend you the product, both you and the vet could receive sanctions, and they could get their license suspended. 

If cannabis is legal in your state, then you could enjoy all of the benefits. Most recently, California joined the group of progressive countries, and it can’t ban or punish vets that inform their patients about using cannabis for their canines. 

There are more bills that are on the way, but it’s going to take time before you start getting prescriptions. In any case, it’s wise to talk to your vet before you purchase a product. They could advise you whether that will mix with other medications that your pet is having, as well as the right dosage.  

The different uses 

An entire notebook can be filled with all of the benefits that can happen from using CBD oil. The first thing that was figured out is that it helped reduce epileptic seizures in cats. As soon as that research went online, people who suffer from the condition tried it, and it worked on them too. 

Then, pet owners started giving cannabidiol to their dogs, and it worked every time. It also helps with chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome, and anxiety. You can go to cheefbotanicals holistapet article to read more.  When it comes to research performed on dogs, the most recent ones are from 2018. 

This study looked at the results from administering 5 milligrams per kilogram to pets that had osteoarthritis. After two weeks, more than 80 percent of the dogs improved. Their tolerance to pain was increased, and they started to move freely again. 

One of the things to be wary about this study is that it was financed by a CBD company. This means that some of the results could be skewed to the positive side. In any case, more research needs to be performed.  

It can be given in a variety of ways 

The good thing about capitalism is that whenever a new company enters the market with a new product, others are going to follow and make it cheaper. That’s just the way the economy works. Brands are fighting for the top spot, and it’s up to the consumers to pick and choose. 

Now, there is a variety of forms. This includes lotions, oils, snacks, and treats. You can try all these methods and keep using the one that your pup likes most. Out of all of these choices, and oil is definitely the best option since it gets absorbed in the blood quickly, and the effects are long-lasting. 

Treats need to be digested in the stomach before they go to the liver to get metabolized. The topicals need to go through the skin. These two processes take time. Oils get placed below the tongue, and they directly go to the liver and release the cannabinoids into the bloodstream. 


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