What are the Best Fitness Apps?

Fitness Apps

If nutrition experts agree on a single thing, it is that if you want to have a healthy life and fully enjoy it, you need to engage in regular physical activity and eat a balanced diet. For this particular reason, we have selected the best apps of Fitness that will help you achieve it.

Best Fitness Apps

Each mobile app that we recommend below is available to download on Android and iOS, so dust off that sports outfit you have in your closet, turn your Smartphone into your personal gym and get active!

Nike Training Club

This home fitness app offers you a super complete plan; it also adapts to your circumstances and goals.

By downloading this application for free, either on your iPhone or Android device, you can choose whether to do cardio, yoga, boxing, among many other disciplines, and even select the duration of the training, between 5 to 45 minutes.

With Nike Training Club, you can choose training routines for a particular body part and select between beginner, intermediate or advanced level and the type of intensity you want to add to the routine. Also, if your house is small, this mobile application includes training for small spaces.


With 8fit, you don’t have to download a fitness recipe app and a training app. Instead, this application, considered a fitness app for women, will be like having a personal trainer 24 hours a day designing your healthy meal plan and training routines.

To exercise with 8fit, you will not need more than your own weight, and you can do it from anywhere you are. In addition, when it comes to food, this fitness nutrition app does not have a miracle diet for everyone or generic plans with dubious results. Instead, thanks to a test to know your requirements, it seeks to create a change in your style of living with its more than 400 personalized fitness recipes.

Total Fitness

If you are starting out in the world of Fitness or you already have some time taking care of your figure and your health, we recommend that you try this fitness app.

Total Fitness not only shows you more than 100 effective exercises to train but also, for each one, it offers you images and videos so that you can execute them correctly and avoid injuring yourself.

Therefore, when you download this mobile app, you will not have to look for another fitness diet app to complement your exercise routines since Total Fitness also gives you suggestions on what, how, and when to eat to see results.

Google fit

This mobile application integrates very well with the sensors of Android devices and with both Google and Apple smartwatches to record, among other things, the pace, speed, and route you do during the day.

In conjunction with the WHO (World Health Organization), Google has developed a  system to reduce the risk of heart disease and improve sleep, called: Cardio points. This program adds one Point for each minute of moderate exercise and double points for higher intensity activities. You can enjoy this program through the Google Fit app.


Millions of people have already downloaded this app to stay active and healthy. It has an interface that attracts, as it is very clean and extremely easy to use.

While this mobile app is excellent, especially for those looking to build and harden their muscles with strength exercises, it also includes many cardiovascular exercises. So whether you’re a fitness novice or a seasoned weightlifter, Strong will provide you with everything you need for your routine workouts.


It should be noted that Jefit App is considered a  physical fitness app for men.

It has been designed to transform the figure through heavyweights, yet it also includes beginner programs and workouts.

With this app, you can see more than 1,300 videos of expert trainers indicating the correct way to perform lifting exercises so that the muscle grows well and does not injure you.


With more than 7 million foods in its database, this is the complete app to check how much calories are in the foods we consume daily.

When we keep track of the calories and other nutrients in what we eat (sugars, carbohydrates, and cholesterol), we can easily set a clear goal and lose weight. That’s exactly what MyFitnessPal does for you.

It has two significant advantages: you can add friends who are also eating a healthy diet and support each other, and, thanks to the recipe calculator, you can know the nutritional value of your favourite dish, even before preparing it.


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