The Simple Formula for Success in Grim(oire) Business.


What is grim(oire) business?

Grim(oire) business is a black market trade in valuable occult texts, often ancient and with a dark history. Pricing depends on many factors: relative rarity, binding quality, intrinsic value (from use as a practical tool to be used by students of metaphysical arts) for example. A rare text that no one currently owns could be worth as much as $1 million. Discerning the quality of a black magic grim(oire) is also exceptionally difficult without some knowledge of their subject matter and trading practices.

This “black market” trade is no different from any other: it’s selling things under the table. It’s illegal in most countries, although obviously it is not illegal in the USA, Canada or most EU countries. In fact, some of the best occult grimoires are easily found for sale on websites like BlackLunarMagic (BLM) and MisterEgo’s Dungeon (MDD). Other grimoires are sold on sites such as eBay and Amazon. The best books go for ridiculous amounts of money. Even the worst grim(oire) books sell for thousands of dollars, if they are in good shape. The best books can make a profit several times that amount from being sold only once or twice.

Some more facts:

However, obsessive collectors will often spend thousands of dollars on a single item. For them, this is simply part of the hobby and there is nothing wrong with it. If you’re looking for a grim(oire) book to read or sell for thousands of dollars, you should be prepared to do whatever it takes to get it.

Since most grim(oire) books are made using ancient occult knowledge and methods, any edition has its own unique qualities. For example, “The Key of Solomon” by Simon is a grim(oire) book from the 14th century that has been printed in multiple editions over the years. The oldest known printing of the book was done by Simon in the 1370s in Paris. Legends say that this one copy was entrusted to Simon’s friend, King Charles V of France, who locked it away until his death in 1559.

What is the use?

Cookbooks are also legal documents, but they are frowned upon. Same as with grim(oire) books. “The Key of Solomon” is considered to be a very powerful book, because it’s intended to allow the user access to all of the supernatural powers therein. Why would anyone want such powers? Well, for many people in the world, money is power and controlling your destiny is also power. All that a person can accomplish when armed with a powerful grim(oire) cannot be considered illegal or immoral. There is nothing bad about the magic in grimoires. The fact that it’s not mainstream doesn’t make it wrong, either. Grim(oire) books are great resources for learning more about the history of magic, both past and present.

These books can be used to learn how to cast spells, create talismans, create amulets and other magical items, use magic to enhance your life and so forth. In short, when you buy a grim(oire), you’re buying a very powerful book that has helped countless people throughout history. You’re also buying into an ancient tradition of personal growth and betterment.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “poison can cure poison”, it’s up to you to see what Grim(oire) Man has to say about that. Grim(oire) books contain a lot of wisdom. Some of them have hidden messages between the lines, and they are made in such a way that they are constantly re-written by time. The magic that works can’t be used by everyone anyway, so this is the reason why people study dark arts and its not because they have bad intentions.

What are the features?

Grim(oire) books are usually bound in leather, but there are exceptions. They can be in any shape, but the most common is probably a small, black book. In some cases, they’re made of wood or clay. The binding is critical because it will keep the magic inside – without a strong binding, the old magic would lose its potency over time and be useless.

What is my price range?

The “black art” of grim(oire) business doesn’t have to be expensive: there are many places to find valuable information for free. But if you want to get started selling online or at conventions, it will not be free (unless you make your own grimoires). If you want to sell your grim(oire) books, you’ll need to create a website, get an SSL certificate for it, and so on. Some people sell their books on forums or YouTube instead of making a website.

You can buy some grim(oire) books from people who made copies from the public domain in order to learn more about them. However, these are not really valuable because they are only copies for self-education and learning. If you want to make money off of occult literature, you will have to do some research and put in a lot of work.

I heard that grim(oire) business is dangerous. How so?

Sure, it can be dangerous. There are many things that can go wrong with black market trading, but when you care about the trade, know what it’s all about and do it right, that’s rare. I’ve been in the occult field for over 20 years and have never experienced anything bad caused by grimoires. 


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