Which Type of Sound Proof Fencing is Good For You?


Sitting in the backyard of a house is not less than a boon for any person in any season. Unfortunately, the problem which is faced by all of them is irritating sound coming from the traffic and the nearby areas. Normally they try to ignore these sounds, but it is not less than a curse while relaxing in the backyard during the cold days of winter. At that time they start blaming the day when they bought their house for living in such a noisy area. If you are also undergoing the same problem and planning to sell out your existing house, then wait for a minute and try to collect information about soundproof fencing. The worth mentioning feature of this fencing is that it not only protects your house from the burglars and street vendors but also blocks the sounds coming into your house from different sources.

It would be interesting to know that this fencing is suitable for every place whether it is your house, office, shop, or any other place. You will agree that there are lots of families where the elders are sensitive to the noisy atmosphere due to health issues, similarly, there are small children in lots of families especially the newly born babies who get threatened by the sounds coming suddenly from the outside sources like crackers or traffic etc. The same problem is faced by the people working in the offices. During your visit to most of the offices, you would have noticed the notifications regarding the maintenance of silence inside the premises. Because due to excessive sound the employees are not able to work properly. Moving ahead the same problem is faced by the students in the schools. In short, it can be said that the sounds coming from the outside sources are enough to disturb every person sitting inside the house, office, or any other place. Installing the soundproof fencing helps in restricting the entrance of sound inside your property.

An interesting feature of installing this type of fencing is that depending upon your requirement you can let the level of sound enter inside your room. You also have the freedom of restricting the entrance of sounds coming from the atmospheric conditions like the heavy rains, thundering clouds, or hailstorms, etc.

Types of Sound-Proof Fencing: 

It would be important to mention that the need for installing the soundproof fencing varies according to the place. And therefore, it is important to understand which type of fencing is good for your home or office or shop. There are three types of soundproof fencing available in the market.

  1. Wooden Fence: Soundproof fencing made from the wood is regarded as the best way to stop the sounds generated from the traffic. For this purpose, the sheet of wood used for restricting the entrance of traffic sound should be quite thick and strong to stand properly without any damage despite the environmental changes. It should be weather resistant and low maintenance. According to the industry experts, fencing panels made from cedar and redwood are regarded as suitable for controlling the impacts of noise pollution. Despite being the best source of blocking the sound waves move into your property, wooden fences are less durable and get damaged from the impacts of changing environmental conditions. 
  1. Soundproof Fencing Developed from Concrete: Stones or blocks of stones can play an important role in stopping the sound waves from moving into your property due to thickness. It would be interesting to know that various buildings have concrete soundproof fencing covering their exterior boundary. The construction of concrete soundproof fencing acts as an extra layer of wall developed parallel to the exterior walls of your house or office.
  1. Metal Fencing: Questioning about the performance of the metal soundproof fencing is like showing a lamp to the sun. Installing the metal soundproof fencing is an assurance that your house or office is protected from the sounds disturbing you. While installing the mental fencing for blocking the sound make sure that it is resistant to water and erosion.
  1. Brushwood Fencing: This can be regarded as an economical way of blocking the sound. This type of fencing consists of branches, twigs, and undergrowth. Having the brushwood fencing installed across your boundary wall helps in stopping the sound to a huge extent. An important thing to consider in developing the brushwood fencing is the thickness. According to industry experts, the thickness of this fencing should be more than 60 cm to stop the sounds.

Which type of soundproof fencing is good for your house or office? 

An answer to this question in the simple words is it depends upon the overall infrastructure of your house. Anyhow, whatever type of fencing you use, remember that it is erected to enough height so that the sounds could not move inside your place. For this, there are certain tips which you should consider in your soundproofing project. These tips are referred below:

  1. Distance Between Your Place and the Fencing: Always try to leave the gap of almost twenty meters between the walls and the fencing to enjoy the better results. Remember the better distance between the walls and the fencing, the better are the effects.
  2. Topographical Features: The topographical features of your surrounding areas also impact the effectiveness of the soundproofing fencing in your building to a huge extent. Having a small valley or a dip can offer significant results in enjoying the peaceful environment in your property. 
  1. Wind Waves: Areas prone to wind storms are at an edge to suffer excessively from the problem of noise pollution. To get rid of their problem they need to make a little bit of change in the design of the fencing.

Keeping these tips in concern will help you in enjoying the benefits of soundproof fencing and stop blaming yourself for getting the house constructed in the noise prone location.


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