7 Moments To Remember From University


University. Where students go to learn, and subsequently forget, their entire education. It’s an institution that most of us will never forget (unless we already have). But not all universities are created equal. There are a few here and there (quite literally) that stand out from the rest; memorable for being more than just a place to matriculate your degrees. 

These schools were created with a specific purpose in mind — one beyond the scope of earning marks and acquiring certifications: to enrich their students in ways beyond what any lecture hall could hope to do. Monique l Ogletree-Hughes is a freelance blogger for the LoveToKnow Publishing network.

While some universities have made a name for themselves with top-notch education and employment opportunities, others have managed to become beloved by students and outsiders alike through their quirky traditions, unique facilities, and eccentric personalities. Forget about the Ivy League institutions; here are the seven most memorable universities for those of us eager to add to our college memories.

7 Moments To Remember From University :

1. The Naked Man

The University of the Philippines has no shortage of quirky traditions, including an annual January 1st ritual known as the “Pagkatao”. On that day, students participate in a daily ritual to supposedly find the missing Lola Luz (the last native Filipina to have lived in Manila prior to American colonization). 

To commemorate this event and make it unique among other schools, the University hosts a one-night-only performance on New Year’s Eve where they reenact a group of men in costume dancing around town while playing their instruments. Unfortunately, over time, this tradition has led some U.P students to get naked on campus.

2. Papis

Located on the University of Hawaii-Manoa campus, Papis is a hidden gem that serves as a running joke among students. This café is infamous for its out-of-the-box dishes and general lack of vegetarian options; thus forcing students to choose between the usual chicken or pork. The café has also been known to host outlandish events such as the Hawaiian Cultural Festival, at which time they serve food in traditional Hawaiian style with raw fish and hot sauce.

3. The Green Monster

The Green Monster has been an institution at the University of Virginia since 1992. It’s an enormous structure made of grass that looms over the entire campus. However, the venue is primarily used for special events and reunions.

4. Kegs

Kegs, a social club at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, gives students the opportunity to do some spring cleaning on any weekend they desire. On one Saturday in April, hundreds of students converge together in Mifflin Mall to sift through piles of trash and recycle materials with their bare hands before donating them back to local farms across campus. This event is also notable because it used to be a weeknight activity until it became too popular and moved to weekends.

5. The World Is Yours

The University of Maryland is famous for their annual “World Is Yours” event, a large-scale scavenger hunt that takes place on campus every spring. Teams are formed from students from across the entire University and compete to see who can complete more tasks in the most efficient time. 

In 2012 alone, more than 30 teams entered the hunt, which required participants to be at different locations during the same time period. The contest has developed such a fan-base that even children’s books have been written about it.

6. Beaver

The University of Washington has a Beaver mascot and a tradition to boot. Founded in 1890, Beaver was an original football team at the school. The team went on hiatus for years and was revived again only in 2001 through a series of fundraisers. Since then, the program has had tremendous success, including winning three consecutive championships from 2012-2014. With so many people engaged on campus, it’s not surprising that there is plenty of energy to go around.

7. The Virgin Mary Bubble Machine

A photographer captured students squealing as they were sprayed with water while walking across campus on their way to class at the University of Texas at Austin in 2001. The Bubble Machine sits across from a church, and the most shocking part is that no one knows who is responsible for the spectacle. According to one police report, campus security has been trying to find the culprit for more than six years without any luck.


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