Who invented mycsun software?


Mycsun software is a natural supplement for people who need to take it because they have a deficiency in vitamin D. It’s easy for everyone to use because you just feed it into your drum mixer or blender, and go from there. 

It’s been designed from the ground up with the individual needs of both DIYers and commercial food startups in mind. 

The company was founded by Michael Whiteacre after he became interested in the health benefits of vitamin D, and decided to create a supplement that would be accessible to anybody looking for a solution.

The mycsun software is an easy solution for people who want to get their vitamin D intake up to snuff, but don’t want to take the time to figure out complex input data. The company has become popular for its simple interface and user-friendly design. 

Although it’s made by a startup company, it’s built enough like a commercial product that it can be used by anybody who has experience with voice recording software. 

It doesn’t cost much either, which is always nice for people who are looking for an alternative way of getting their daily vitamin D intake up to the recommended amount.

Here are some points discussed about MyCsun software-

1. Easy to use

a.No complicated data input is needed, simply record the sound of your voice then enter it into the software.

b.With this software, you don’t have to input the type of food that you’re preparing either, all you need to do is record your voice and respond “yes” or “no” when prompted with questions about different types of food items.

2. Transparent system of vitamin D supplement dosage 

a.10% of actual weight which means 10 grams vitamin D per 100 grams of food you are preparing  = 0.1 gram per cup, etc.

The leading applications of this software have been-

Commercial food startups( restaurants, cafeterias ect ect.)  – Use MyCsun software to record the sound of food being cooked and enter the data into a database. 

The data can be used to create recipes for competitions like “the best prepared sushi” etc. 

DIYers (home cooks)  – Use this software to record what you are cooking, inputting your cooking instructions and start making your own custom vitamin D drops with easy steps through the mycsun website

Health-conscious persons  – Use this software as part of your vitamin supplements.

Sport enthusiasts  – Use mycsun as a sport supplement, such as for horses, dogs and donkeys which aren’t able to produce their own vitamin D on their own. Also use it on people with low vitamin D levels.

3. Provides your diet with the right amount of vitamin D 

a.Contains 100% pure active ingredients of vitamin D3, no fillers or preservatives.

b.100% natural, all-natural means more health benefits.

c.No additives or less effective ingredients so it’s the best choice for you and your family members who are looking for a supplement to supplement their diet.

4. Safe and effective:

a.Has been developed and produced in the United States by a food laboratory with over ten years of experience in the food industry, and meets strict standards of quality control.

b.The raw ingredients are imported from the United States ,making this an American-made product which is safe for export to foreign countries without being subject to FDA standards.

c.Produced under GMP standards, meaning that regular inspections are held to ensure that all products go through top-quality testing before being considered for sale or export to other countries.

5. Effective in reducing pain from rheumatoid arthritis.

a.Vitamin D helps maintain healthy bones by absorbing calcium in your body when producing strong teeth, bones and muscles when it’s produced by the sun or taken through supplements like this one. 

This is especially true for people with low levels of vitamin D in their bodies. 

b.The benefits of high vitamin D intake in rheumatoid arthritis patients includes reducing pain in affected joints, a reduction in the number of people who use anti-inflammatory drugs and a reduction in the number of people who need to go for surgery. 

6. MyCsun software can provide you with more than just vitamin D.

It also helps lower the amount of pain you feel from rheumatoid arthritis and other related illnesses such as

a.Fibromyalgia  – The benefits of high vitamin D intake include lowering the amount of pain felt by fibromyalgia patients, and reducing their fatigue levels too.

b.Osteoporosis  – Vitamin D helps to increase bone density and prevent loss of bone density in older patients.


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