Who played the character of joker’s mom?

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Who played the character of Joker’s mom? It’s a difficult question to answer and one that could potentially result in conflict. 

At first it seems like it would be easy to find out who played this part, but it’s actually very hard. 

That said, we’ve found a few actors that have had small appearances as Joker’s mother and we’re going to provide their names for you here! 

Hopefully this article will help clear up any confusion surrounding who played the role so you can finally enjoy Batfink without feeling angry at Batman!

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Here are some points discussed about the character of joker’s mom-

1. The Joker’s mom was played by Joe Santos from the television show “All in the Family”.

The Joker’s mother was played by Ilana Levine. In Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker there were two joker mothers. The first one appeared in a flashback scene and was played by Barbara Bain, who is best known for playing An Auger on “Mission Impossible”. 

There is a scene where a man wakes up Barbara Kean, who plays the role of Fish Mooney on Gotham, and claims to be her husband with no memory of his past identity.

2. The second Joker’s mother was played by Joy Behar.

The second joker woman is not played by a leading actress or actress. She appears in one scene of the movie, only, and is only credited as “Joker’s Wife”. 

A couple of people have cited her as being played by Jenna Fischer on “The Office”, but since there doesn’t appear to be any other references to this woman being on that show that I could find, it’s highly unlikely that she was played by Jenna Fischer at all. 

However, it may be worth noting that Eliza Dushku (played Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer) has been suggested as having been at some time married to Forest Whitaker.

3. She was the first actress to be considered, but she didn’t have enough time for shooting.

 Actress Donna Smoak from the television series “Charmed” was also considered as a potential Joker’s mother. However, unfortunately she was unavailable for filming as she had other commitments at the time so it failed to come to fruition. 

The actress that just missed out on being cast is none other than Lindsey Kyle Johnson. You may remember her from the film “Fat Albert” in which she played “Ginger”, an overweight girl who is bullied by her classmates.

4. Terry was supposed to have a sister, but she was cut from the script.

Joker’s mother was an imaginary character in “Batman Beyond: The Movie”. In the movie’s story, Joker has a flashback to his childhood: he and his mother were at a low-income apartment, and she was packing his toys and clothes while telling him that they’re going to live with her new husband. 

However, Joker tells her that he hates his new father and starts to cry; she then tells him “the world is a cruel place” and says that he could be happy if he tries to make people laugh (although the flashbacks reveal it didn’t work out for him). 

So, while this is the only scene in the film that shows Joker’s mother, it’s also extremely obvious to anyone who has paid attention to the hints dropped in-between.

5. She was cast towards the end of filming.

The Joker’s mother was notably changed between posters and trailers (with her appearance in some trailers looking more like Pamela Anderson than Ilana Levine). 

It took Fortunato Cerlino, who played Rebus during “Gotham”, a few days to go over all of his lines.

6. Her death was never shown on-screen.

Joker’s mother is mentioned as being married to his father in the film. As mentioned above, Joker revealed that he used to live with her before she met his real father and moved away with him. 

It’s unknown where she currently lives, but we can safely say that she isn’t dead because we can see Joker has a flashback to his childhood and cannot remember what she looks like, so it suggests that he couldn’t even recognize her if he were to see her again. So it’s reasonable to conclude that Joker’s mother is still alive.

7. She was played by Ilana Levine who also played “Mrs White” in Reservoir Dogs.

Joker’s mother is played by Ilana Levine, who also played the role of Mrs. White in Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs. 

A curious side effect of these two roles is that Joker’s mother’s appearance in “Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker” is similar to Mrs. White in Reservoir Dogs’ scene where she says “I don’t know what you’re talking about”.


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