Why Should You Take Vegan Protein Powder After a Workout?


During an intense workout, the body is subjecting the muscles to extra pressure, causing fiber breakdown and damage. Muscle protein synthesis is a process in the body that helps repair and rebuild muscles. 

Having a protein beverage including vegan protein powder can help the process of promoting muscle growth and recovery after a workout. It is a convenient way of healing and putting up together tissues, cells, and organs of the body quickly. 

Why Is Protein Essential Post-Workout?

A lack of protein after exercising can result in fatigue and soreness of the muscles instead of increasing stamina and strength, which should be the goal. 

By taking protein about 30 minutes post-workout, your body can start repairing those micro-tears immediately, strengthening your muscles over time. Micro-tears happen due to intense muscle contraction during training and exercise.

The amino acid in the protein drink reaches your bloodstream much quicker than the protein in food does. Digesting and breaking down the protein from solid food requires more time to reach the muscles. 

This is why many gym enthusiasts and athletes prefer a protein drink following a challenging workout.

What Are the Advantages of Consuming Vegan Protein Powder?

Adding protein powder into your drink post-workout is an excellent way of ensuring your body is getting the amount of protein it needs. 

But, it is not the only time you should have a protein drink. Protein powder is beneficial to consume during breakfast, particularly between your time at the gym and work. By doing this, you are keeping cravings and hunger at bay throughout the day. 

It also maintains your blood glucose level in the morning until it is time for lunch. 

Drinking your protein shakes before bedtime is also helpful in repairing and healing those muscles as you sleep. The amino acids in your protein drink help increase the growth hormone in your body, maintaining healthy body weight and metabolism. 

Throughout the night, your body absorbs and digests the protein effectively, encouraging muscle recovery. 

Who Needs Daily Consumption of Protein Powder?

Considering that it is not easy to get all the protein requirements from the food you eat, protein powder is a handy way to acquire enough protein to fuel those muscles. So, after a great workout, you may also have a protein drink to meet your nutritional needs if you are:

  • Transitioning to a vegan diet or making some dietary changes that impact the protein amount in your body
  • Recovering from an illness or injury
  • Increasing the difficulty or intensity of your workout sessions
  • Starting resistance training or going to the gym for the first time
  • A growing teenager
  • Aiming to prevent muscle loss as you age

How About Taking Vegan Protein Powder for Weight Management?

If losing or maintaining weight is one reason for your regular workout, your protein drink should include soluble fibers to help reduce your glucose and blood cholesterol levels. 

For this, it is ideal to choose a vegan protein powder with your weight management. It helps minimize appetite and satisfy hunger, as well as reduces the energy released from food. 

Aside from drinking protein drinks to help with weight loss or weight maintenance, it is also important to exercise those muscles, avoid carbohydrates, and lower your calorie intake. 

Keep in mind that protein drinks are not a replacement for a healthy diet and lifestyle.


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