5 Facts You Never Knew About Writers


Writers are thirsty for creative inspiration. Poets, journalists, novelists, and essayists all yearn to be as eloquent and expressive as they can be. Very few do this job because they have a passion for writing alone – more often than not, it is because they have a burning desire to create something that will outlive them.

For most of our history, the majority of writers were men who had inherited family wealth or property on which to live in peace and tranquility while gathering their thoughts and writing their books. Writers should avoid splitting an infinitive when they can just as easily avoid it. The real story of writing is a tale of grit and determination, creativity and craftsmanship, patience and perseverance. There are many writers who have never received the praise and recognition that they deserve for their works because it was not in their nature to compromise their creative integrity.

Writers are a little different than the rest of society. The way they think, talk, and act can be a source of frustration for people who don’t know what they’re experiencing. While it is easy to write off a writer as just being crazy or just too sensitive, there are actually some interesting facts about writers that you may not know. Here are 5 of them! We’ve rounded up some fun facts about writers that you may not have known that will leave you in awe. Here are five things you never knew about writers.

5 Facts You Never Knew About Writers :

1. There Is A Strange Relationship Between Writers and Alcohol

When writers get together over coffee or a pint at the local pub, it’s not unusual to see them all on their laptops. In fact, studies have shown that writers are three times more likely to drink alcohol than people in other professions. At the same time, writers seem to have an uncanny ability to stop drinking as soon as they finish writing a book/essay/journalism work. Go figure.

2. Writers Start Their Day Off A Little Early

Writing requires concentration and focus. One of the most common ways people can improve their focus is by going to bed early. While everyone needs a good night’s sleep, writers tend to get up at 4:30 in the morning in order to spend eight hours writing. Getting out of bed at that hour may seem like a strange thing to do, but one study showed that this is one of the best ways to improve your writing skills without even knowing it.

3. Writers Are In Love With Literature

Writers are not just in love with the act of writing. They are also in love with the things that inspire them to write. If you think about it, there is a direct correlation between the books that writers read and the type of books that they tend to create. 

Most writers have eclectic tastes when it comes to reading and enjoy reading everything from non-fiction textbooks to fantasy novels, from romance novels to horror stories. Reading has a profound effect on writing because it helps you train your mind and focus on different genres. Even if you don’t want to create literature, reading will help improve your own writing skills.

4. Writers Are More Likely to Take Public Transportation

A study conducted at the University of California in San Diego found that writers were more likely to take public transportation than those who weren’t writers. The researchers speculate that this is because writers are less likely to own a car and prefer to use public transportation instead. This doesn’t mean they don’t like driving – just that they value their time more than most people do.

5. Writers Have A Special Relationship With Paper and Pencils

Writers tend to be perfectionists by nature and acquire their love of writing through the act of making things perfect with paper and pencils, not computers or word processors. Writers are more likely to write by hand because this allows them to take their time and think about what they actually want to say without worrying about making a mistake. Writing by hand also means your writing is more likely to be edited properly before it goes public.                                               

Conclusion :

So there you have it, five facts you didn’t know about writers. Now that you know them, you can start to see why writers are as unique and inspiring as they are. If you want to be a writer, take these hints and tips seriously. Your own creative vision could change the world for generations to come so be sure to keep your eyes open for more amazing writing tips in the future.


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