10 Awesome Tips About College Sports From Unlikely Sources


Every student applies to school. That’s the first step of finding a place that is right for you and your future. Next, is applying to sports like portugal vs belgium referee at your school. If you’re not looking forward to the extracurricular, the pressure can be overwhelming sometimes and there are many decisions that need to be made before signing up for a sport let alone thinking about all of these things you’ll need before playing.

Tips about College Sports are:

1. It’s Your Life, So make it fun.

There are many different sports to choose from and each sport has its own pros and cons. Make sure you know these before going out in the winter weather or just getting started with the sport you chose. There are many different types of hockey out there, for example: Men ice hockey, Women ice hockey, Women field hockey, Field Hockey, Football Ice Hockey , Goalie Ice Hockey , Roller Hockey , and Roller Derby. There are hundreds of other sports you could choose from

2. All your friends do it so you should too.

The best way to convince your friends to play a sport is to show them that you love it and it gets you out of your house. Playing sports also takes away time from homework, free time, and extra-curriculars. Playing is something you’ll have for the rest of your life so why not start early?

3. And don’t go with the popular choices.

Never have I ever seen twelve people on a lacrosse field one night in February because everyone already knows how to play lacrosse . Even if it’s popular, it doesn’t mean you have to play. Lacrosse is a great choice of sport but if other students aren’t playing, go with something else because it will not be easy to join after school and games are difficult to get into.

4. They’ll tell you they’re doing it too.

One of the biggest lies ever told is when a friend says they’re playing the same sport as you. It’s great that they want to do the same thing as you, but don’t let them fool you because the reality is that some people just look good in their uniform and like throwing on that jersey for Fridays at school.

5. You can always join later during your college career.

If you’re already a few years into college and miss playing, it’s not the end of the world. You can join any sport during your college career. There are plenty of teams that are a few people short or aren’t as strong in numbers.

6. You’re a Freshman and We don’t care.

If you’re a freshman, then don’t give up on sport tryouts just because they tell you they only take people that can run faster than someone who weighs 400 pounds tons of fat. There are many ways to get around this and try to convince them otherwise because it will get easier in your sophomore year for tryouts for sports for freshmen .

7. You don’t have the right type of body.

Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes and that’s what makes the world so diverse! Don’t be afraid to be yourself because some people actually like it when you’re different, it gives them something to talk about at school with all of their friends. If you want to play a sport with your friends, then find a way to convince them that you deserve a spot on the team and that you can be just as good as them.

8. You’ll hurt yourself trying out for something you’ll never play.

Some people are just too afraid to try sports that they don’t think they’re good at and that’s okay. The thing is, if you really want to do it, then you can play any sport. Don’t be afraid of getting hurt because it’s bound to happen. Unfortunately, there are always accidents in sports but the reward is worth more than the risk.

9. They’ll say ‘No.’

There is a rule at every school that if you’re not playing for a team already, then you shouldn’t be trying out for one or asking to join one so be aware of this rule before going all out on trying out for something new .

10. You can’t get out of it.

Handling this rule is like handling a snake. If you really want to be a part of something you like, then don’t let the person who told you that you can’t join a sport get in your head .

Most likely, they’re just trying to convince you otherwise because they don’t have time for any new players on the team or aren’t trying out at all and it’s their way of telling you to leave them alone because they know that once tryouts roll around and if a spot opens up for anyone, then there will be someone else who’ll take it except for them.


Don’t let these things get in your way. If you want to play a sport, then just go for it and make sure you have a sports bag to carry all of your sports gear and equipment necessary. Maybe you’ll find yourself playing more than one sport with the same team. Maybe the teams will like what they see and ask you to join their team later on down the road.

Your school has something new to offer, so why not try it out?

And if not, then at least don’t give up at tryouts because as long as sports are around, there will always be someone who’s willing to accept new players and take them under their wing. 


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