What are the Most Popular Gamer Videos on YouTube?


Esports and YouTube are made for each other. Gamers love to post short videos of themselves playing a favorite game or showing off a new skill. It seems viewers can’t watch enough of them, either to admire skillful play or learn a new trick. Some of the most popular gamers have earned millions of views. Here are some of the best: 


For the last decade, thirty-two-year-old Jacksepticeye, alias Sean William McLoughlin, has posted a couple of videos to YouTube almost every day. The majority show him putting Minecraft or God of War through their paces. In other videos he lets people see what his life as a top gamer is like. Viewers love to hear his Irish accent and see if his hair has turned green again. Data from September 2022 revealed the channel has hit 15.5 billion views and has 28.7 million monthly subscribers. 


DanTDM was launched in 2012 by twenty-one-year-old Daniel Middleton of Northamptonshire in England. Originally named The Diamond Minecart, the channel’s audiences are aged under ten years. Many of Dan’s 3,500 videos feature Minecraft, but he also devotes time to Rocket League where cartoon automobiles play soccer matches. Dan has been entered in the Guinness Book of Records for his high scores in Rocket League. In July 2022, DanTDM was estimated to have 26.2 million subscribers aand a total of 18.6 billion views. 


Evan Fong is the genius behind VanossGaming. The thirty-year-old Canadian has posted thousands of videos on YouTube since launching his channel in 2011. They generally show him and some friends playing fast-action video games such as Call of Duty: World at War. The tone of the videos is lighthearted with plenty of laughter. It clearly shows what great entertainment esports has become. VanossGaming currently has around 25.7 million subscribers. 


This popular channel was created in 2013 by Harry Lewis. Then just seventeen years old, Harry abandoned his academic studies for an exciting life as a YouTube gamer. His favored activity has always been the electronic FIFA 18 soccer matches. Harry even based his channel’s original name of Wroetoshaw on 

the English soccer league players, Nicky Wroe and Tom Bradshaw. His exaggerated tantrums during the matches have become compelling viewing for more than 15 million subscribers. An estimated 5,000 new viewers sign up almost every day. 


Ryan Horton aka Ryan Central uses Hitscan to highlight his devotion to Valorant. He is based in Britain and regularly posts tutorials about how to play the game effectively. Hitscan has only been active for a couple of years, but it has already gained almost 400,000 monthly subscribers. They look forward to learning expert tips on weapon use, agents’ skills and strategy. To complement the videos, it can be helpful to visit www.1337pro.com/en/teams and learn about stats trackers to make the game even more exciting.


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